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How To Earn Free Mtn Points On Mtn Pulse Point 2023

Mtn point has been something that most people have been enjoying for quite a long time which the point can be used and converted to data or airtime using the mtn pulse point 2023. The point is giving out for free by following some task just now how most surveys we carry out give us some point and later convert it to airtime, data or money for us.

This mtn pulse point has been in existence for long a little which most people don’t know about or maybe they knew and they don’t know how they can earn free mtn points by following the steps needed to be taken that will make them earn free mtn points for we are about to share the idea with you guy on how you can get your own point.

How To Earn Free Mtn Points On Mtn Pulse Point

Yes, we call it mtn pulse point because this can only be carried out by mtn pulse users only and it’s said that the point can be gotten or accumulated by purchasing on airtime from customers on mtn pulse.

Mtn pulse point

Buying data plan and social media plan then IG/Tiktok plan and so on. This offer was said to be added to the network silently without letting or bringing it to customers’ notice. Just like how they did for their social media plan.

Now we move to the main part of this article which the process needed to be taken so that you can be able to earn your own free mtn point.

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How To Get Free Mtn Pulse Points

  1. If you are not on mtn pulse is recommended or you must migrate to the plan before you can partake on this offer.
  2. Dial the code *406# to migrate to mtn pulse with 0.0k when you are migrating for the first time.
  3. And if you have not changed your tariff plan for 30 days to the time you are about to carry out this process.
  4. Once the migration is successful, you will be given some points for migrating to mtn pulse.
  5. The point can be used to buy data instantly and it’s used to be given to new mtn pulse users that just migrate.
  6. What to do to earn more free mtn points is to keep purchasing data plans that range from N500 upwards.
  7. Which every data plan you purchase will earn you points and 1 point is equivalent to N1.
  8. So when you have 1000 points you have N1000 that can be used to buy data or airtime.
  9. Your point balance can be check using the code *406*7# Once you get the point that you need then you can use it to do what you want.
    how to earn fee mtn points
  10. The first option you will see once you dial the above code is to check your balance.
    earn fee mtn points
  11. And the other option which is option two is used to purchase or make use of the point you earn.

That just it, This service is rendered to Mtn pulse users only that any other mtn tariff plan can not Partake on this offer. Enjoy free mtn points.

How many free mtn points have you earned for far?

Specify using the comments section and join our telegram channel for updates.


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