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How To Get 20,000 Airtime After You Relink NIN To Your Glo Sim

Of course, you can get free 20,000 airtime after you have successfully relinked your NIN to your glo SIM with something that has just been made official by globalcom. 

It’s more or less like a way that they used to bring to notice people who have not linked a national identity number NIN to their SIM card to avoid service destruction. 

The 20,000 free airtime that they are referring to is to make all glo subscribers link their SIM with NIN so as not to get their line blocked

And it has also been stated that this network provider globalcom has been sending a lot of notifications to users that need to relink their NIN correctly to their Sims. 

Which day now carry out the information first and that they now generously bring out a reward for any user that will link their NIN to their SIM card we get 20,000 free airtime. 

It’s a bonus that can be used in different ways which sometimes are added to the 2 20,000 free airtime bonus that has been set aside. 

It is stated that this SIM will link to your NIN and can also be done on any naira’s glo outlet to relink your SIM to NIN and get your bonus activated. 

The first thing you are prompted to do to link your NIN with your glo SIM is to dial the following code *966#.

After that then you are prone to visit any nearest glo outlet or sim registration center that has been verified as their agent. 

Go there to link your NIN and you can also visit any nearest NIMC center in your area to acquire your own NIN

If you did not comply with the directive of linking your SIM to NIN directly then you should be among the users that have been blocked from certain services on your line. 

You can also check if your NIN is successfully linked to your sim as well before you do anything further.

You will not be able to make certain calls and it has been stated that approximately 72 million active Telecom consumers have been buying from using their SIM card. 

It is more-or-less like a loss to most Telecommunication Companies in which they are finding a way to regain their lost back that makes good back on to carry out the item reward service or option. 

So after you successfully link your NIN to your glo SIM then you should see the reward on your line prompt to be 20,000.

How To Make Use Of My Free 20,000 Airtime 

Of course, there is free airtime that has been dished out to users and the bonus has been slashed in different ways that can be used to make exclusive calls, browse the internet for free, and also engage in free SMS text. 

You can flex among the 20,000 free airtime 10 naira per MB if you are making use of the free airtime bonus to browse. 

And if you are making use of the free airtime to make calls then you should get 36 Kobo per second on net calls. 

And 36 Kobo per second is also prompt to be drawn from the free airtime if you are making off-net calls. 

The bonus is stated to be credited to eligible customers within 24 hours once they successfully link their valid NIN to their SIM more or less like registering their SIM. 

The bonus is said to be valid for 7 days after it is available on your SIM. 

You can make use of the following code *310# to check for the bonus value on your Glo SIM. 


Provision of major network provider service is available for most and only Nigerians which if you are an outsider then you will need to contact the glo World customer care service with NIN linking as the diaspora NIN linking. 

You can visit gloworld.com to get that done. 

For people that have successfully got their own NIN they can let us know how and when they get their reward in the comment section. 


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