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OWN YOUR LIFE SHOPPING MALL is a physical shop and online shop where you can shop once in a year for your Hamper and you will get your personal ID Number (or EC ID) , then you drop your account details with the Company for receiving your royalties and you get paid as other customers are shopping after you. First Come, First Paid. Visitors and Strangers who shop after you are positioned under your geneology team and you continue to get paid royalties from all the transactions processed daily through their Connections. Shop Now to reserve your position or ID Number before the next visitor who visits our website will shop after you

WHAT IS EC ID? Empowered Consumerism (EC) is a new concept that allows Consumers to earn from their purchase through a simple contract fulfillment. Imagine walking into you favourite mall, picking up a hamper of your daily household consumables (toothpaste, soap, coffee etc) and as you are leaving, the manager hands you a Voucher or Coupon telling you that you have earned the right to an extra income or daily salary for life if only you can tell your friends to come and buy their daily household or family consumables from our Shop... wouldn"t that be exciting? I know you would like that won't you ? Well... this is what Empowered consumerism is all about. You shop just once to get your ID number and you continue to earn money as more friends shop after you / or strangers shop after you on this website or our shopping mall. .. The best part is, it is a one time- life time deal...Don't miss it. Grab the offer or deal now before the next Visitor comes online to shop. Buy your Hamper Now by clicking the link below

Benefits of this deal - Flexible working hours(Own your time, Own your space and Own your life) No renewal, You don"t need to hawk or sell products , just use the amazing line of products in your hamper with your family and share the good news or testimony to your friends, Many more benefits of OWN YOUR LIFE you will discover as you go along. Watch this video now to learn more.

Who are We? We are Connectors living in the Connected Economy with a global mandate to raise a new breed of Entrepreneurs who are Connectors and world changers.

We are Independent CEOs, Independent Connectors or Independent Entrepreneurs and Mentors from all works of life, who own their time and own their business, and so they can work anytime they like and from anywhere they like online or offline to create their own LIFESTYLE of FREEDOM.

We decided that we no longer want to live in a society full of work slavery, working so hard for employers and earning so little that can hardly make ends meet. We want to earn what we truly deserve and have more free time to spend with our families and friends, and experience what life has to offer, instead of only dreaming about it.

We are taking over our nation and world to release all captives held in the Corporate Job Slavery of Poverty and give them back their Time Freedom, Health Freedom and Financial Freedom. That is our Mission! That is our Calling!

Our mission is: To promote , Prosperity, Wellness and Service to Humanity. We do this by empowering individuals with a means to ethically achieve economic success in good health while also being able to serve a large connection of people.

We find that most people want Better Health, an Extra Stream of Income, Time Freedom and in some cases a means to Serve many people. OWN YOUR LIFE - Daily Income Stores would like to present you with the perfect vehicle to help you accomplish your ambition and your dreams using the EMPOWERED CONSUMERISM PLAN or ECONOMY DRIVER PLAN 2.0 which is powered by Alliance In Motion Global Inc. (or AIM Global).


Congratulations! You have made the RIGHT DECISION to become a part of the OWN YOUR LIFE - EMPOWERED CONSUMERISM campaign powered by  Alliance in Motion Global, Inc. or AIM GLOBAL Company through the Support and Mentorship of OWN YOUR LIFE Daily Income Stores. Now you can start your journey to creating a lifetime of enduring income and fortune. To get started to Activate your Income , purchasing the EMPOWERED CONSUMERISM Hamper by clicking the link below:


  • 2 x C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals Blister Packs

  • 2 x Complete Phyto-Energizer Blister Packs

  • 1 x Restorlyf

  • 1 x Choleduz Omega Supreme

  • 1 x Vida Maxx

  • 1 x MyChoco Alkaline Chocolate Drink

  • 1 x Liven Alkaline Coffee Original Drink

  • * Products included in the EC Hamper may vary quarterly or annually as part of promotional activities! The individual items are also subject to the approval of individual products for your country.

When You Join

  • 1

    Quickly familiarize yourself with the AIM Global products (by using them personally), sharing them with your loved ones and even more importantly the needy

  • 2

    Acquire deep knowledge of the products and their health benefits, also learn and understand the business concept

  • 3

    Watch our business opportunity presentations online and attend our free seminars (OPPs). Also make out time to attend the free NDO, ASAP and BBM trainings organized by the company to enhance your skills

  • 4

    Start referring your prospects to this website and also invite them to attend any of our trainings or live seminars

  • 5

    Contact us via any of the provided media: Skype, WhatsApp or Email and we will be happy to help with all the needed support to get you started and grow your business

  • 6

    Do the business with passion, a little bit of ambition mixed with skills and your success shall be guaranteed


The Products

You have a chance to improve people’s lives by sharing these extraordinary and groundbreaking products

Affordable Startup Capital

With a minimal capital of ? 44,888 (or USD $119 ), owning your own business has never been easier

8 Ways to Earn

The daily rewards or compensation plan rewards EC members with 8 different ways to earn

Residual Income

You earn a stable residual income part time or full time and there are no requirements for you to earn from indirect downlines

Daily Payouts

The EMPOWERED CONSUMERISM plans offer a daily payout system and a monthly payout system

Free Training and Support

OWN YOUR LIFE Daily Income Stores offers free training and support at all its affiliated business offices (BCOs) every business day

Alive Foundation

Every OWN YOUR LIFE Member contributes, a small percentage of his/her earnings to the Foundation. This is used to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters in society.

No Compulsory Minimum Monthly Purchase

You are not compelled to buy products. You only buy products because: You like, You want, You need the products or you know somebody who needs them.

No Minimum Time Frame

There is no minimum time frame to earn and your registration is for life. As a matter of fact it can also be inherited and passed on