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How To Earn $10 And Upto $100 Monthly On Eureka Survey

Survey has been one of the best and legit ways to earn and make money online. Which we recently made an article on one legit survey that pays too name cash camel survey this is another one called Eureka surveys.

We’ve actually brought up a lot of surveys programs which most still pays and are still available on our site range from Voice of Africa survey which is specifically designed for Africans and also Mobiworkx surveys are all these surveys pays well as eureka. 

Here is another survey called the Eureka survey which is related to cash camel surveys and zap surveys

Because you will need to be a USA resident and before you can apply to above surveys and have the app download from play store let’s dig into Eureka Surveys. 

You will need some requirements before you can join or per take on this survey. 


  • VPN is needed to change location to the USA. 
  • The Eureka App needs to be downloaded. 
  • Download can only be granted once you are USA residents. 
  • Data connection and email need for registration. 

How To Join Eureka Survey And Earn

  1. Connect to your VPN download windscribe
  2. Best recommended VPN is Windscribe VPN. 
  3. After you have gained connection or your location has been changed. 
  4. Visit the site https://eurekasurveys.com/ copy the link to your browser. 
  5. If you have an error message switch your browser to desktop mod to access the survey site. 
  6. Make sure your phone location is turned off before you carry out all this process. 
  7. Chrome browser is recommended to use and carry out all this process. 
  8. Once you’ve downloaded the Eureka app try to create your account. 
  9. Make sure you use a USA credential for the form to fill. 
Eureka survey

Once registration has been done you will be asked to carry out your first survey and earn for the first time on. 

They make their payments in dollars

How To Withdraw From Eureka Survey 

  • Eureka survey minimum amount is said to be $10.Eureka PayPal withdrawal
  • You need a PayPal account to get your fund withdrawn. 
  • It’s recommended to use the email that is linked to your PayPal account
  • To register on the Eureka survey for fast cash out. 
  • That’s all about that. 

Go straight, take your time, attend the surveys and earn more.

Some Review About Eureka Survey 

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