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How To Get Mtn 30GB Data And Mtn 50,000 Airtime 

We’ve promised to make this post as a YouTube content which we were unable to provide the video content as was promised so we choose to make an article for it before we switch into video tutorial if possible, this article we reveal to you how you can get mtn 30GB data and mtn airtime worth of 50,000 airtime at the same time which is what we are about to talk about. 


This seems not to be new stuff because it seems to have been rolled out to other blogs, sites, and channels likewise different social media which seems to have been discovered by many and got disputed but we still choose to make the update to you guy’s as we promise. 


Some Chao seems to happen on Twitter which you might have gone through before. 


According To MichealBaba On Twitter 

He seems to have reported the data and airtime trick and not cheat-which people seem to use and accumulate to airtime and data through the mtn plan called yafun yafun but still seems most people are still making use of such methods to get their things done.


Actually, this article provides the two poles with updates in such a way that we let you guy knows what is going on out there if you don’t know yet and also let the ISP know how people seems to make use of stuff on their server (Internet Service Providers)  Mtn know what is going on if they don’t seem to gain attention to Micheal baba tweet on Twitter. 


Let’s just go straight forward you use the influence of mtn yafun yafun plan to accumulate data and airtime upto 30GB data and more and at the same time, you will get airtime up to 50,000 wow huge amounts of airtime. 


Let’s still check it out if you don’t understand the tweet Michael baba tweet. 


Get some requirements ready which implies. 


Requirements For Mtn 30GB Data And Airtime

  • Money to recharge worth 1,200 or 1,300.
  • Just get your money ready, don’t worry you will get the money back.
  • New mtn sim card so as to gain access to the yafun yafun tariff plan.
  • And lastly data connection should be available. 


After you have gotten the requirements follow the procedures below to accumulate and get your mtn yafun yafun data and airtime together as Micheal baba explains. 


How To Get Mtn 12GB And Mtn 30,000 Airtime 

  1. As it was explained on Micheal baba tweet.
  2. After you have gotten the new sim card ready.
  3. Load it with N1,200 that was mentioned on the requirements.
  4. When you load it you will be given bonus data of mtn 3GB and.
  5. Bonus airtime worth of N500 approximately.
  6. After that you will need to visit a site name betpawa.
  7. Open an account with them and deposit to the account view the number you load the 1,200 on.
  8. The betpawa account should be registered with the new mtn sim.
  9. Then load the account or deposit the account with the sim.
  10. A sum of 1,200 will be deposited to get 1100 as 100 for deposit charges.
  11. After that go ahead and play any game on betpawa which is very Important.
  12. Then after you won you can now go ahead and withdraw the fund to your bank account with the amount you win from the game.


It’s was specified that if you don’t play any game and win on the betpawa account and you try to withdraw the fund sorry your betpawa account will be suspended and the money on your account will be reversed as airtime to your sim with some minutes or hour’s depends on betpawa. 


That’s just it’s once you’ve successfully been able to do this for up to 10 times automatically you have been able to accumulate Mtn 30GB data and airtime up to 50,000 respectively that’s just it. 


Are you still confused about these? 


Then wait for the video guide if we were able to post related stuff on YouTube. All you have to do is to join our YouTube channel subscribe and turn on notification. Also, join our telegram channel and stay tuned with us that’s all. 


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