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Mtn pulse Activation of 750MB for N300 And 1.5GB For N500

Yes, this might sound strange to you but no, it has been quite long since we experience low data rate especially from MTN network service providers (One of the most network provider that charge there customers high when it come to data rate aspect)

But don’t been suprise because our federal government now put us into consideration a little

which implies by trying to reduce the data charge rate from every network provider in Nigeria.

The federal government ordered Nigeria communication Commission (NCC)  To put into consideration in reduction of the data rate

which we pray it should comes around so that we can enjoy surfing online atleast with enough data, That if they was able to slash the data rate down. 

Due to our observation we think they have put it into consideration cause I don’t know if you notice some reduction in especially

Mtn data charges for some months ago now that also lead us in creating the post on how you can

Activate data plan of 750mb for N300 and 1.5GB for N500 It work for on people on Mtn pulse terrific plan. 

Let reduce the discussion and go to what brought us about these post which is Mtn plus Activation of 750mb for N300 and 1.5GB for N500 on your mtn line. 

How to Activate 750Mb for 300 and 1.5GB for N500 Mtn pulse terrific plan

  • Firstly you have to migrate to Mtn pulse plan by dialing *406# on your phone and select 1 to obtain in to the plan
Mtn plus code
  • After that re-dial the same code again *406# and selection 2 to subscribe for 1.5GB For N500 or Reply 7
    to subscribe for 750Mb for N300
Mtn plus 750Mb and 1.5GB

Lastly Validation of the data plan

One the you have to notice is that the data is only valid for 3 days after three days
and you have not exhaust the data it will be deducted from your account

Other bundle like NightLife, instaBinge and GoodyBag Bundles are also attached with the Tariff plan
750Mb for 300 and 1.5GB for N500

Enjoy downloading , streaming and surfing online has you like with the Tariff plan 750Mb for 300 and 1.5GB for N500. 


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Sounds Awesome or not? 

Let know your opinion om these offer view the comments box.. 

Mtn pulse 750Mb and 1.5GB Can Still Be Activated?


The answer to these question is yes, cause things seems to be turning out well.
At least to good once since NCC ordered all our network provider to slash down there that data plan services.
So you can still keep roaming with your Mtn pulse 750Mb and 1.5GB enjoy 

These post is re-edited on:15/12/2019 December  


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