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How To Share VPN Connection Via Hotspot Without Root

How To Share VPN Connection Via Hotspot To Other Devices Without Root. 

Although Sharing VPN connection with another device has not been easy on non-rooted Android devices. Most Android devices out there are not rooted. Without root access, you are limited on things you can do with your Android phone grap that statement.
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IN this post, We will teach you how to share your VPN connection with other phones and PC’s without rooting your Android phone. Before now, we have been making use of PDanet app but I am here to tell you that after following this post, you will dump Pdanet for this.
Without wasting much of our time, let’s get down to why we are here. I’ll be so straight forward. Please follow us along.

How To Share VPN Connection Via Hotspot To Other Devices Without Root

VPN Connection Via Hotspot

  Kindly follow us step by steps. We will be so straight forward with the steps.  
1. Make sure your Android phone is connected with your favorite VPN (it can be for cheat or normal data)
  2. Now, tether hotspot to the device you want to share the VPN connection with.
  3. Download HTTP Injector APK and install it on the main device sharing out the connection.
  4. Open HTTP Injector, swipe to Tools > Tethering Tools > Hotshare > in step two, tap on Start Hotshare share-vpn-connections-hotspot-without-root   5. Now, take note of the IP address and Port in step three. Those are the details to input on the connected device(s). share-vpn-connections-hotspot-no-root      

    How To Add IP Proxy And Port On Android   

1. If the connected device is an Android phone, then download UltraSurf APK here.
  2. Install and open UltraSurf APK > tap on the three dots located at the top-right corner > Proxy > HTTP Proxy > then input the IP Proxy and Port given by Hotshare. share-vpn-connections-via-hotspot-no-root  
3. Finally, hit OK and Connect. Then wait for it to Connect.

How To Add IP Proxy And Port On PC

  1. If the connected device is a PC, then download UltraSurf for Windows here  
2. Launch the app > tap on Option > Proxy Settings > tick Manual Proxy Settings and input the IP proxy and port given by Hotshare. Then press Ok and go back. share-vpn-connections-hotspot-no-root-android
  3. Wait for it to automatically Connect. That’s all.   I hope you found this post useful? Please Remember to comment and share your thoughts on these post in the comments section below.  

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