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How To Get Pi KYC Approval Done In 1 Minute 2024 (Resubmit)

In the age of cryptocurrencies, Pi Network has gained momentum as a platform that lets users earn coins through their mobile phones. For every Pi user, the Know Your Customer (KYC) approval is a necessary and important step in using the platform. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of getting your Pi KYC approval done in one minute in 2024.

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Why Pi KYC Approval is Necessary 

As a prospective Pi user, you might be wondering why going through the KYC (Know Your Customer) approval process is an absolute must. The reasons are multifaceted and intricately tied to both legal obligations and the overall integrity of the Pi Network. Here’s a comprehensive look at why Pi KYC approval is necessary:

  1. Identity Verification: One of the primary reasons for the KYC process is to verify the identity of the user. This helps in curbing fraud and illegal activities on the platform. When you verify your identity, you’re proving that you’re a real person, and not a bot or an entity looking to misuse the platform.
  2. Legal Compliance: KYC is a regulatory requirement under anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing laws. These laws mandate that businesses must know who they are dealing with, and verify the identity of their customers. By undergoing the KYC process, you’re not only abiding by these laws but also helping the Pi Network comply with its legal obligations.
  3. Prevention of Duplicate Accounts: The Pi Network’s vision is to create a fair and inclusive digital currency ecosystem. To maintain this, the platform must ensure that users do not have multiple accounts, which could disrupt the fairness of the currency distribution process. The KYC process helps the network monitor and prevent this by validating that each account is linked to a unique individual.
  4. Protection of User Interests: The KYC process helps protect your interests as a user. In the event of any dispute or issue regarding your Pi coins, the Pi Network will have a record of your identity. This adds a layer of security to your transactions and earnings, giving you peace of mind.
  5. Building Trust: Finally, a robust KYC process builds trust within the Pi community. It reassures users that they are part of a legitimate and secure network where everyone’s identity is confirmed and fraud is minimized. 

This sense of trust can lead to a more active and engaged community.

Preparation for Pi KYC Approval 

Gearing up for the Pi KYC approval can be a breeze if you have everything in order and are fully aware of the prerequisites. Here’s how you can get yourself prepared for Pi KYC approval:

  1. Creating a Pi Account: First and foremost, you need to have a Pi account. Download the Pi Network application from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, sign up using your mobile number or Facebook account, and choose a unique username. Once done, you’re all set with your Pi account.
  2. Get Your Documents Ready: The KYC process involves identity verification, and for this, you will need to provide certain documents. This may include a government-issued ID like a passport or driver’s license. In some countries, other forms of ID may be accepted, so be sure to have these handy. Make sure the documents are valid and legible.
  3. Prepare for a Selfie: During the KYC process, you might be required to take a live selfie as a part of the identity verification process. So, make sure your smartphone camera is functional and you are in a place with good lighting.
  4. Have a Stable Internet Connection: The KYC approval process happens online, and thus requires a steady and reliable internet connection. Poor connectivity could disrupt the process or slow down the verification.
  5. Ensure Access to Email or Phone Number: The Pi Network may need to communicate with you during the KYC process. Make sure you have access to the email address or phone number you provided when setting up your Pi account.

By getting all your ducks in a row, you can make your Pi KYC approval process smooth and stress-free. Once you have completed these preparations, you’re all set to proceed with the KYC process and step into the world of Pi cryptocurrency!

How To Get Pi KYC Approval Done 

So, you’ve done all the preliminary steps and are now ready to get your Pi KYC approval done. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to navigate this process:

  1. Initiate KYC Process: Open the Pi Network app on your mobile device and navigate to the profile section. Here, you will see the option to start the KYC process. Click on it to initiate the procedure.
  2. Enter Personal Information: You will be asked to enter your personal information such as your full name (as it appears on your government-issued ID), date of birth, and residential address. Ensure all details entered are accurate and match your identification document to avoid discrepancies.
    How To Get Pi KYC Approval Done 
  3. Upload Identification Document: As per the instructions, upload a clear, color scan or photo of your government-issued identification document. Ensure the entire document is visible, legible and the document’s expiry date is not past due.
    Resubmit Your Pi KYC For Fast Approval 2024
  4. Selfie Verification: Depending on your region, you may be asked to take a live selfie. This is a security measure designed to confirm that the person initiating the KYC process matches the photo ID provided. Follow the instructions carefully to take your selfie. Ensure your face is clearly visible, and there are no shadows or glares that could distort your features.
  5. Submit KYC Application: After completing all the necessary information and completing the ID verification, submit your KYC application. Ensure that all the information you’ve provided is accurate and complete before clicking the submit button.
  6. Wait for Approval: Once your application is submitted, it will undergo a review process. You will receive a confirmation of submission, and a notification when your KYC application is approved.
  7. Check Your Status: You can check the status of your KYC application at any time by logging into your Pi account and going to the profile section. If your KYC is approved, your profile will indicate that your status is ‘verified.’
How do I resubmit KYC on Pi?

Please note, the approval process duration may vary, so don’t worry if it takes a little while. Patience is key. Once you’ve received your approval, you’re ready to fully explore the opportunities within the Pi Network. Keep in mind that the Pi Network is continuously working to streamline and improve the KYC process, so some of the steps mentioned above may vary or evolve over time. However, following these basic steps will help you navigate the Pi KYC approval process effectively.

Overcoming Challenges in Pi KYC Approval Process 

Embarking on the Pi KYC approval journey may not be without its hiccups. While we’ve discussed the steps to ease your way through the process, it’s also important to address potential challenges and how to overcome them. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Discrepancies in Personal Information: It’s essential to ensure that all personal information entered during the KYC process matches your identification documents exactly. Inconsistencies can lead to delays or even rejections. Always double-check your entries for accuracy.
  2. Poor Quality Document Upload: Poor quality photos or scans of your identification documents can cause hitches in the KYC process. Make sure your document is clearly legible, well-lit, and fully visible in the upload. Use a high-resolution scanner or camera for this purpose.
  3. Technical Issues: Problems with your internet connection or issues with the Pi Network app can potentially disrupt the KYC process. Always ensure that you have a stable internet connection before starting the process. In case of app-related issues, consider re-installing the app or contact the Pi Network support team for assistance.
  4. Delay in Approval: As much as we’d like immediate results, the KYC approval process can sometimes take time due to high demand or thorough review procedures. Be patient and keep checking your application status regularly. Remember, good things come to those who wait!
  5. Incomplete Application: Ensure your application is complete before you hit ‘submit’. Any missing information can lead to the rejection of your application. Always review your application for completeness before submitting.

By being prepared for these potential challenges and knowing how to overcome them, you can navigate your way to Pi KYC approval more smoothly. This will put you on the fast track to earning and exploring the possibilities within the Pi Network ecosystem. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity in disguise. Happy mining!


How do I resubmit KYC on Pi?

Unfortunately, resubmitting KYC on Pi Network isn’t currently possible. Once you submit your information, it undergoes a review process. If there are any issues, you’ll receive notification and instructions for addressing them.

How can I speed up my PI KYC verification?

There’s no official way to expedite KYC verification on Pi Network. The process can take longer depending on workload and potential issues with submitted documents. Ensure you provide accurate information and high-quality document scans to avoid delays.

Why is my PI KYC still pending?

Several reasons could lead to a pending KYC:

  • Incomplete information: Double-check for any missing details or typos in your submitted information.
  • Document issues: Ensure your documents meet the requirements (format, size, clarity) and haven’t expired.
  • High volume: KYC review can take longer during peak periods. Be patient and check for updates periodically.

How long does it take for PI KYC verification?

Verification times can vary significantly. Estimates range from weeks to months, depending on factors mentioned above. Stay updated through the app and check their official channels for any notifications regarding processing times.

How much is 1 PI in Naira?

Please note: Pi Network is currently in its development phase, and Pi tokens do not have a fixed market value or established trading platform. Therefore, determining the worth of 1 Pi in Naira is currently impossible. Only when Pi enters the open market through official channels will its value be established.


As the realm of digital currency expands and diversifies, the importance of platforms like the Pi Network continues to grow. The ability to mine cryptocurrency from your phone is a fascinating prospect, but the journey to get started comes with its own set of necessary steps, primarily the Pi KYC approval. As we’ve explored in this post, the process might seem a bit daunting, but it’s actually quite straightforward if you’re well-prepared. Remember, your patience and diligence in this initial stage will pay off in the long run, setting you on a seamless path in the Pi Network ecosystem.

Understanding the reasons behind the KYC approval, preparing in advance, and knowing how to navigate the process are keys to a smooth experience. Whether it’s verifying your identity, ensuring compliance with regulations, or safeguarding the integrity of the platform and user interests, each aspect of the KYC process is crucial. Knowing what documents you need and ensuring they’re legible and valid, having a functional camera for a potential selfie, and a stable internet connection all contribute to the smooth functioning of the process.

We also discussed the potential challenges you may face, including discrepancies in personal information, poor quality of document uploads, technical issues, delays in approval, and even application rejection. These challenges, although they may seem daunting, are surmountable. By staying proactive, you can turn these hurdles into stepping stones on your journey to Pi KYC approval.

In conclusion, navigating the Pi KYC approval process is a blend of patience, preparedness, and precision. Take the time to understand the process, prepare accordingly, and navigate each step with attention to detail. As you follow this guide, remember that each step takes you closer to stepping into the world of Pi cryptocurrency and exploring its numerous opportunities. Happy mining!


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