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Pi Miner’s Diary: Unveiling 2023’s Achievements

Pi now makes a new announcement about unveiling 2023 achievements which has been stated on their official announcement page that your 2023 Pi Network review is now available. 

Pi network has been doing everything so I still bring their members on board which in the new one has meant to actually help people see their progression on how they’ve been interacting with your Pi mining app crypto

Can you understand that will help you to explain your Pi mining summary and celebrate your annual milestone which is what has been said on the announcement page. 

This should bring to your notes on how you can get that done on your Pi mining app and see your own 2023 review unless like I’m really your journey through when you join the platform to date. 

How To Explore Your Pi Mining Summary For 2023

It has been said on the announcement page that you can get that done when you click on Bye 2023 on the Pi mining app. 

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This has been quoted as “Your 2023 Pia in review is now available, tap on by 2023 on the home screen to explore your Pi mining summary and celebrate your annual milestones and Journey as a pioneer.”

If you don’t still get how you can get that done by viewing your 2023 Pi review you can still follow the steps that we are going to share with you with a screenshot of how you can view your mining summary. 

All still will be carried out on the pi Network application that you have been using to mine at the beginning of the day. 

But if you are still new to the platform and you don’t know about Pi don’t worry we are still going to lead you through the way on how you can join the plans from yourself and start mining Pi before it is very too late. 

Hope you not enjoying before let’s see your 2023 Pi review on how you have been mining pi in summary as follows:

  • Go to all your Pi mining app main menu. 
  • Look down at the bottom provided at the left side of the app’s main menu. 
  • Look below at the mining bunting that you always click to activate your Pi mining daily. 
  • Then you should see a button with an icon labeled “Bye 2023”
  • Once you click on it you will provide it with your Pi Year in Review of 2023.
  • Which includes the end of 2023 your year with Pi
  • Follow up with some information like your Daily Mining section. 
  • Pi that you mind in the year. 
  • How many people do you refer in that particular year which is 2023.
  • Your PI from Bonus and contribution. 
  • And lastly, the year or days that you join Pi

This is how you can view any of the years with Pi review for 2023.

How To Explore Your Pi Mining Summary For 2023

If you have not still enjoyed Pi Network then it’s recommended that you check the below procedure on how to get that done but before that, we will also like to bring this particular mining Network to your notice which is called ice. 

Ice network is also related to Pi which is also a mining platform that can help you mine Ice cryptocurrency

How To Join Pi Network And Start Mining In 2024

This is just the 2024 guide that is recommended for you to join the Pi network if you have not joined before. 

  1. Click on the link here then you will be redirected to a page where you will be told to download the PI app. 
  2. After you get to the page click on Download Pi app now
    How To Join Pi Network And Start Mining In 2024
  3. Working on each you are provided with an option to download it either for Android or iOS. 
  4. For Android Users you will click on Google Play and for iOS users you will click on App Store. 
  5. Then we make use of alitechzy asyour invitation code when registering on the app Pioneer. 
  6. After you join you can also invite your friend to the platform to boost your mining rates and you guys should work as a team. 
  7. That is just how you can join the Pi network platform I started mining in 2024.

After you completely join the platform and you have started mining you will need to perform some other task which needs to be made to your pi account. 

Like to complete the mainnet task, verify your phone number, verify your Facebook account, verify your email accounts, and also complete the verification of identity ask for KYC. 

All can be done once you check out this particular guide on how to completely verify your Pi account

Wish other announcements have also been made on the announcement page provided on pi mining app. 

You can check them out, don’t we also like to believe you on some early ones. 

Other Announcements Provided On Pi In 2024

They make it available as Pi apps to the new existing Daabia Mall I’m Pirates game at the latest to win a $10,000 reward in the Pi Hackathon!

You can get the full gist of this announcement once you check the announcement section on the Pi app. 

Other Announcements Provided On Pi In 2024

It was also stated that there are a lot of questions on how to get 1,000 Pi rewards in developer ambassador programs which simply invite developers to Pi with their username as a referral code. When they create a qualified PI app they get the reward by tracking your dashboard on the home screen. 

Stay tuned because we are going to be dropping different updates on anything you need to know that is going on around Pi. 


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