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How To Send Credit On Mtn – How To Transfer Airtime On Mtn In 2023

Most people find it difficult to send credit on several network providers in Nigeria there are different ways to transfer airtime on all networks, ways of sending credit on airtel are different from glo, likewise, ways how to transfer airtime on glo is different from 9mobile, to send credit on 9mobile is different from mtn techniques. 

But our main aim of this article is to teach and show you how you can transfer airtime on mtn, we will let you know every tactics and method which you can use to transfer credits or airtime on mtn network provider. 

Mtn is a large company when it comes to provisions of their service to us in Nigeria so they have different ways of carrying out their operations, mtn normally refer their airtime transfer services as Share n sell service unlike airtel which refer their own airtime transfer service as me2u other network providers has what they call their own too. 

We now move to how to transfer airtime or how to send credit on mtn which simply means how to make use of mtn share n sell service. 

How To Send Credit On Mtn 

  1. It’s different, if you want to make use of the code you just need to dial the following code : *600*beneficial number* amount*pin#
  2. You must have created your pin before you carry out the above option to do so on fast track dial the following code : *600*default pin*New pin*New pin# ( Default pin is 0000)
  3. Remember the new pin must be a four digits number, let’s carry out the operation with a brief practical simple explanation.
  4. To set your pin or change your pin which is compulsory dial *600*0000*5657*5657# assuming 5657 is the new pin that I was to make use of.
    How To Send Credit On Mtn
  5. To transfer airtime or credit dial *600*070676789456*1000*5656# and send which number is the person number I want to transfer credit to and 1000 is the amount of credit I want to send and the last part is my pin.

That is all about the method of using code to transfer airtime on a mtn network provider. 

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Note: since its a new method, mtn now charges any airtime transfer service known as share and sell service N5 per transfer. 

In some cases this coding method might not work for you there are other ways of transferring airtime on mtn view Sms let’s check it out. 

How To Transfer Airtime On Mtn

  1. To transfer airtime via Sms, go to your sms box and send Transfer, Beneficial Number, Amount, And Pin and Send to “777”. That’s all
  2. But you must change your pin before following up with the above step (Default pin 0000) with four zeros. Get your message box and Send the Default pin, New Pin, and New Pin to “777”.
    How To Transfer Airtime On Mtn
  3. Practically, to transfer airtime Sms to 777 by sending Transfer, 07067690798, 1000, 5657 then send it to 777.
    How To Transfer Airtime On Mtn
  4. After that you will get a notification message that you should confirm your credit transfer transactions then you should reply a message with YES which replies YES To 777. that all you will get is a successful transaction. 
  5. To change pin  Sms to 777 by sending 0000, 5657, 5657 Send to 777.
  6. After that, you will get a message that your mtn share n sell pins have been changed successfully. 

By following all the above processes as stated above on a step by step ways, you have successfully learned how to transfer airtime on mtn or send credit on mtn. 

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