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How To See Hidden Facebook Friends In 2023

Have you been looking for ways to see some hidden friends on Facebook and it’s kind of difficult for you in such a way that some of your friends might hide their friends just not to let anyone notice who they are friends with on Facebook? Then you are in the right place because we are about to talk about how to see hidden Facebook friends in 2023 that we still work for you.

Most people do it intentionally when they do manipulate some Facebook settings and hid their friends or Facebook friends from their other friends or the same way from the person that will like to be their friend but they seem to review the person’s account before they can befriend such a person. We the steps we are about to provide you will be able to view the hidden Facebook friends 2023 method.

How To View Hidden Facebook Friends 2023

Facebook update on a daily basis makes people gain more features and add or implement more stuff with their Facebook account one of them is to hide their Facebook friends from other Facebook users or even from their own mutual friend which will restrict people from viewing their friends which the Facebook latest features 2023.

This process is carried out by any Facebook account owner so that even their mutual friend won’t be able to view their Facebook friend we will now like to show how to view hidden Facebook friends by following some simple steps that we are about to lay down.

In case you found yourself not being able to view your friend Facebook friends again and you are eager to know you can gain access to such a process then this article is for you to keep reading to the end so that you can get what you need.

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How To See Hidden Facebook Friends 2023

We will like to guide you through this process if you allow us to. And if you have been looking for ways that you can use to see your friend Facebook hidden friends then let us guide you by following the steps listed below.

You will need a PC or Computer And a browser on the laptop to get this done.

  1. After you have gotten to the PC browser ( Chrome Recommended )
  2. Open the browser and log in to your Facebook account on it.
  3. Visit the Facebook page to get that done Facebook.com
  4. Login the open another tap, now go ahead and download the Chrome extension named.
  5. Download friend mapper for the Chrome extension.
  6. Activate it on your Chrome browser.
  7. Now switch back to your Facebook account page and tap.
  8. Locate your Facebook friend that hides his friends.
  9. Then you will see a button name reveal friends button once you visit his/her profile.
  10. Hit on the button then it’s will start scanning the person’s Facebook account to fetch out friends.
  11. It’s will scan deeply to get the list of the person’s friends.

When the scanning process has been completed. Then you will be provided with a list of the hidden friends on your Facebook page.

That is just it using the simple tool Chrome extension you have just been able to view your friend Facebook hidden friends with just one click.

Do wish to know how you can hide your own Facebook friends too then continue reading this article.

How To Hide Facebook Friends 2023

Ways and steps to be taken that we help to hide Facebook friends are quite easy and simple but most people still find it difficult to get that done and hide their own Facebook friends too let’s get to know how to get that done.

Step To Hide Facebook Friends 2023

  • Visit your Facebook account either on the phone or pc.
  • Click on your profile and hit the button to locate your Facebook friends.
  • Find the edit icon which is designed to be a pencil icon.
  • Click on it and edit your privacy which the privacy to be set as.
  • Set the privacy to only me. That is no one but only you will see your Facebook friends.
  • Nobody we see your friend and save the settings to carry out the operation at once.
  • That just the steps that needed to be followed to get your Facebook friends hidden.

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