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9mobile 0.0k Unlimited Free Browsing On Psiphon 2023

As of last week or last two weeks an article on how you browse with 0.0k airtime on airtel was posted on this platform which most people enjoy back to back. Same applicable to mtn too which you can browse unlimited on your mtn network without having airtime or data using a psiphon VPN Here is something similar to 9mobile 0.0k unlimited free browsing using psiphon VPN.

This free browsing cheat is strictly for 9mobile users which they can use to browse freely with the help of the VPN called psiphon now let’s get to know how you can get this done and requirements.


  • 9mobile 3G or 4G Sim with data or airtime 9mobile 0.0k.
  • Internet next should be available.
  • Psiphon VPN download from here or on previous post.
  • Caution and patients.

How To Activate 9mobile 0.0k Unlimited Free Browsing On Psiphon

  1. After you have downloaded and installed the psiphon VPN.
  2. Open it and turn on your 9mobile data network.
  3. The Hit the connect button.
  4. No need of touching any setting on the VPN.
  5. Just open the psiphon VPN and hit the connect button.
  6. Then wait for some time and let the VPN tunnel your browsing for you.
  7. That’s all.

Enjoy why it’s unlimited and share with your friends using the share button that can be found below this article.

Things To Note

  • It might take time to connect.
  • But it will definitely connect.
  • Don’t touch any setting on the VPN app.
  • IOS users too can download the VPN and try it on their 9mobile sim.
  • It’s unlimited once you get connected to it.

What else… We end the article here.

This psiphon VPN started working with glo which was being used to power the Glo wtf bundle. Later on it went to mtn which tunnel mtn browsing for free mtn 0.0k also worked for airtel same as mtn which was used to browse with 0.0k free browsing and now it’s 9mobile 0.0k free browsing using the same psiphon.

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Go ahead and browse unlimited using 9mobile.


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