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How To Activate 9mobile 150MB Free Daily Data 2023

9mobile social pack plan as been a plan that most people and specifically 9mobile users as been enjoying which make them enjoy 2.5GB data for N350 instead of 500MB if you don’t know about this you can get to know about it from here,  today we bring to you another 9mobile free data cheat which you will get 9mobile 150MB data 2023 to be used on a daily basis. 

This seems to be a comparison with the mtn 50MB daily data which most people enjoy with the help of powering up their data with some VPN like spark VPN, Samsung lite VPN and more. But this is different. We make use of a different VPN to get the 9mobile 150MB daily free data works. Which works as 0.0k free browsing cheat on 9mobile. 

Requirements For The 9mobile 150MB Daily Data

  • 9mobile sim is needed. 
  • There should be no airtime available on this sim. 
  • That is the sim should contain no data and no airtime 0.0k
  • A VPN called ec tunnel VPN is needed to get one from the play store. 
  • The VPN has lite version and pro version download any of the VPN from play store here. 

Now let’s get to the main part which is getting the VPN work to power up our 9mobile data network and get to use free 150mb data 2023 on a daily basis. 

How To Activate 9mobile 150MB Daily Data

  1. After you have downloaded the VPN. 
  2. Open it once the installation process is completed. 
  3. It’s said to have a data connection just to make the VPN tweak and the server updated. 
  4. That should be done if you are downloading the VPN for the first time. 9mobile 150mb daily
  5. Now once your tweak and server is loaded. 
  6. Locate the tweaks and select the one that entails. 
  7. 9mobile|NG 150MB select and go back. 9mobile 150mb
  8. Then select any server of your choice. 
  9. After that connect the VPN and turn on your 9Mobile internet network. 
  10. Wait for some seconds and it will connect. 

That’s just it’s incase it’s failed to connect just do the following steps by just switching off your phone network through airplane mode. 

Turn on your phone airplane mode and off again just to make the server reboot then go back and connect to the VPN. After that it will definitely connect. 

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Note: this only caps for just 9mobile 150mb data on a daily basis so once you finish the 150MB for that day on the VPN you will have to wait for the next day from 12am before you can enjoy using another 15MB that’s just it. 

Were you able to gain connection to the VPN? 

Let’s now view the comments section for this free browsing is already tested and working. 

For it’s related to the mtn 50MB daily data free browsing too which seems to be blocked already so this is another best alternative. 

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