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9mobile 2.5GB Social Me Pak Settings For TLS Tunnel VPN

Some days back now we have we experiencing unreasonable connection fault on our noble know HTTP injector, fault like Connection without browsing, Fail to Connecte Sometimes, Slow in browsing Speed ect ( For 9mobile social me pak) .


Which make us to look around and bring solution to that alternatively not to stop us from using our normal known 9mobile social me plan of 500MB that we turn to 2.5GB with the power of VPN.


We bring to you an alternative way to make use of your 9mobile social me plan in absence or in disregarding of HTTP injector VPN, We brought you TLS Tunnel VPN.


Before we proceed more further I will like us to know what the VPN is all about and what is capable of doing likewise will it be able to sever us well like the HTTP injector did or would do more than that let check out the features of our newly introduced VPN.


What Is TLS Tunnel VPN

TLS Tunnel VPN as the name implies is a program that was design for a network connectivity or connection also a network tool that ensure security and anonymity for security and allow one to customize the start of the connection to the server.

TLS Tunnel vpn

It’s Also said that with the start of the connection it possible to bypass restrictions that was or imposed on any type internet network.


TLS Tunnel Used TCL 1.3 to cover all the connection between the user and the server, The server is susceptible to the same flaws and vulnerability is present in the technology


The VPN is capable of collecting statistics of usage and crash reports collected by Google play and firebase. It also search history and geography location advertisement selection.


Knowing what TLS tunnel VPN is all about I will like us to switch to the features of the VPN.


Features of TLS Tunnel VPN


  • Very fast in connecting
  • High Speed Mb/s that is speed when browsing with the VPN.
  • Connection Speed Favourable (it connect within 10s)
  • Stable and Reliable (The connection is stable compared to that of HTTP injector)
  • No Ssh account (There is No need to create a Ssh account compare to that of HTTP injector)
  • Location is Changeable ( You can selecte any of the available location you like that was listed on the VPN)


Now to switch to how you can make use of these VPN with your 9mobile social me pak plan and make use of 2.5GB instead of 500MB


9mobile Social Me Pak 2.5GB Configuration Settings For TLS Tunnel VPN

First and foremost we need to know the requirements before we process further to the configuration settings of the VPN, don’t mind me we the words configuration setting that I keep saying cause some might feel discourage by hearing these.


Although there is no any hard configuration settings apply to the VPN just try to read these article to the end and get your VPN (TLC Tunnel VPN connected straight forward).



  1. Internet Connection (3G or 4G connection Respectively)
  2. An android Smartphone
  3. TLS Tunnel VPN Download here
  4. 9mobile 2GB config file Download here
  5. 9mobile 500MB config file Download here
  6. Stable Network
  7. N400 or N300 To subscribe for 9mobile Social Me plan ( Check Below On how tl subscribe to the plan)


Haven’t Gotten the whole required stuff let now preceed on what next which is the application and Configuration of the VPN (TLS tunnel VPN)


9mobile 2.5GB Social pak Configuration Settings For TLS Tunnel VPN

  • Firstly Subscribe to the plan social me pak or social pak plan by dialing *200*3*3*2*3#  select the option two and subscribe to the appropriate plan for N350.9mobile social me pak
  • After subscription process is done open the TLS Tnnel VPN that was downloaded from above link.
  • Click on the three dot menu toggle as shown in the screenshot below:TLS Tunnel vpn
  • Then selecte Import/Export menu and make selection on import sub menu tap.
  • Locate the config file that you download from our site view the above provided link.
  • It should be located on your download folder after successful importation. TLS Tunnel vpn on 9mobile social me pak
  • Lastly click on connecte or selecte location from the main menu bar as pointed to on the screenshot below:

You can make selection on any kind of location you are willing to use select location or just go straight and connet your VPN that all start browsing with your phone.

TLS Tunnel vpn location setting


  • Always make use of the 9mobile 2GB config file before you use the 500MB config.
  • The browsing is not unlimited.
  • These VPN (TLS Tunnel VPN) is very fast and connect less than 10 seconds (10S)
  • Lastly Try to join our telegram channel for more related browsing tips.



Although we are not the best but we put all our effort to be among or be the best always drop a comment view the comment box section for it mean a lot to us thanks in regard as you do enjoy your browsing with 9mobile socal me pak.




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