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How To Activate Mtn Whodeycall Related Service To Truecaller

Mtn whodeycall is one of the services that mtn just launched which allows you to know the person you are calling Identity without even internet service unlike true caller I’d checker which makes use of the internet before you can able to get to know the person you are calling I’d. 

This service is strictly related to truecaller which most of us know about and most people have been making use
of such services for a long time and it’s said by mtn service providers that it’s strictly related to others but
the difference is just the internet access that mtn don’t need. 

How To Activate Mtn Whodeycall

  1. To activate the mtn whodeycall service on your mtn service.
  2. You need to subscribe to the service by dialing the following code.
  3. Dial *5058# then the whodeycalla service will be provided to you.
  4. The subscription service ranges from daily weekly and monthly whodeycall service.
  5. Which you need some token amount of airtime to get it done.
  6. It entails from N30 weekly plan upwards.
    Mtn whodeycall

But 7 day’s free trial is attached to the service which makes people test the mtn whodeycall service for free
( 7 days trial) 

Mtn Whodeycall Service Plan

  • It’s said to have a one day plan for N5 which can be activated using the code  *5058# or make use of Sms service.
  • Secondly, you have a weekly plan for N30 which is said to valid for 7days, and the activation process can be done using the same code  *5058# or Sms.
  • 30days which is said to be a month plan for N50 and its validity is 30days.
  • Lastly, the free 7days trial plan with no price is attached to it and you can enjoy the call ID from mtn whodeycall service for 7days without the help of the internet or making use of truecaller. 

Actually, there is an auto-renew service that is attached to the service and it will be better to know the process to
opt-out of each service since you know how to opt-in let’s get the done video the Table data. 

Whodeycall Plan Table Data

Subscribe Plan Validity  Price  Opt-in / Optout 
Daily  1day N5 Sms Sc1 / Stop Sc1 




Dail Code:  *5058# 

Weekly  7days N30 Sms Sc2 / Stop Sc2 




Dial Code:  *5058# 

Monthly  30days N50 Sms Sc3 / Stop Sc3




Dial Code:  *5058# 


And lastly, the 7day free trial can be activated but after it’s finished you will be charged N30 for the next week so
it is better to cancel the service if you feel you don’t want it anymore view the 7days code using the 7days stated

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What are your thoughts about this service? 

Drop your thoughts about this mtn whodeycall service view the comment section and try to join our telegram channel for updates. 


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