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Speed Up Your Samsung Phone Internet Speed With This Hidden WiFi Settings

With these hidden WiFi settings you should be able to speed up your Samsung phone’s internet speed which improves your internet speed drastically. 

Which settings should I use to set up your router in such a way that will make your internet faster using the latest hidden Wi-Fi settings that have been available on Samsung devices? 

In some other cases, we can also call this secret Wi-Fi settings for Samsung in 2024 we can just refer to it as hidden Wi-Fi settings for Samsung devices in 2024.

So if you wish to know about the latest Wi-Fi settings or hidden Wi-Fi settings for Samsung devices you should follow up to the end of this article. 

But we also recommend that you should not proceed to implement some kind of settings that you don’t understand so as not to manipulate or misuse these settings. Because might be scattering the Wi-Fi settings of your device or router. 

You should only implement the settings that you know about once you are successfully getting to the page of the hidden Wi-Fi settings or secret Wi-Fi settings we are about to unveil to you. 

Once again, there is a hidden Wi-Fi setting that will speed up your internet connection when you are connected to your router so follow up to get things done. 

How To Access The Hidden WiFi Settings For Samsung Phones 2024

This should be one of the other Samsung Tips 2024 that we have for you and it should also be in the categories of Tech Tips which is recommended to share with your friends rather than make use of Samsung devices more or less like Samsung phone lovers. 

  1. So the first thing you need to do is to head straight to your Wi-Fi settings under settings on your phone. 
  2. Your Samsung device should have been updated to the latest version of the software before you carry out this process. 
  3. Once you get to the Wi-Fi settings or set up page click on the three dots menu that is provided at the top right corner of the setup page. 
  4. From the option listed, you will see an option stated as intelligent Wi-Fi. 
  5. Click on this Wi-Fi settings option,  then you will need to scroll down to the end of the setup page. 
  6. You will see another option stated as intelligent Wi-Fi below with some version. 
  7. You will need to click on this section seven times to review the hidden Wi-Fi settings or the secret Wi-Fi settings. 
  8. After you click on it seven times you will get a prompt notification that you have enabled the settings. 
  9. What you need to do next is scroll down a little then you’ll be provided with Wi-Fi developer settings. 
  10. This is related to the process that most people follow on how to enable developer options for Android devices. 
  11. So you will need to click on the Wi-Fi developer settings which we still recommend not to mess around with any settings on this option. 
  12. You can just proceed to get some information that will help you to improve your Wi-Fi in these settings. 
  13. One of the information we would like to share with you is from the Wi-Fi developer settings. 
  14. Proceed to click on nearby WiFi information,  you will be provided with two options which start with nearby Wi-Fi. 
    Hidden WiFi Settings For Samsung
  15. The nearby Wi-Fi settings provide a list of information on different Wi-Fi that are nearby to you. 
  16. With that, you should be connected to your router and you should now proceed to click on the order option stated as channel utilization. 
  17. The channel utilization option will provide you with a list of information that can help you speed up your router to improve your internet speed. 
  18. Which provided the best way to improve your Wi-Fi stated as the best channel recommendation. 
    Secret Wi-Fi Settings For Samsung
  19. We will be recommended with different GHz information. 
  20. You can now proceed to implement that on your router by selecting the option. 
  21. Then that shows speed up your internet speed when using a Wi-Fi connection. 
  22. All you need to do is just select the options that your phone is recommending for your Wi-Fi settings and make the implementation on your router to enjoy faster internet speed. 

That is just the hidden Wi-Fi settings you need to know about in 2024 or secret Wi-Fi settings you need to know about in 2024 that have been designed for major Samsung Android devices. 

Final Say

Do you find this hidden Wi-Fi settings informative or useful?  ESO let us know your thoughts about the latest secret Wi-Fi settings for your Samsung Android devices that we have just shared with you. 

The Wi-Fi developer settings are not something that most phone users will be able to gain access to but you have been able to do to this particular article that you just landed yourself on. 

Remember to always check back for more related Samsung tips or Tech tips that we have for you shortly. 


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