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How To Avoid Police Harassment For Using An iPhone 

With these iPhone tips, it will seem as if your phone screen is broken and needs a repair which or you need is just to implement a sentence on your iPhone and you should be able to avoid police wahala which he said is how to avoid police harassment for being an iPhone user. 

It is normal in Nigeria for most youths whenever a policeman outside make use of a three-camera iPhone device or just a regular iPhone device that is no good to most users around the nation. 

To avoid that whenever you are planning to go out or travel you can make use of the latest tech tips that have been designed for iPhone users which will call iPhone to avoid police harrasment. 

If you implement these settings on your phone and you follow the steps and procedures one after the other your phone screen Seems as if it has been broken. 

No one will be able to operate the mobile device when tapping on the screen that can save you from a policeman stopping you and trying to search your phone. 

If that works for you you can proceed to share these iPhone tips with your friends by using the website link. 

Let’s get to the main point of this article. 

How To Avoid Police Harassment (Wahala) As An iPhone User

It is becoming a normal thing that whenever a policeman stops you are saying youth and you are making use of an iPhone then may proceed to try to check the phone with my ruined your privacy. 

So as much as you wish to make your privacy active and available to yourself, you can use the latest iPhone tips on your device to stop them from searching your phone. 

It’s more or less I can update which will make your phone presentable as it needs to be repaired. 

Follow the steps below so you can get things done. 

  1. Go to your iPhone settings and scroll down to accessibility settings. 
  2. Click on the accessibility from the settings option. 
  3. Click on Zoom from the accessibility settings page. 
    How To Avoid Police Harassment
  4. Scroll down below and increase the maximum zoom to 15x. 
  5. Then toggle on the zoom button to help you turn on Zoom on your iPhone
  6. Make use of three fingers to tap on your device three times. 
  7. An action will pop out or we pop up and click on zoom out from the option. 
  8. Now head straight to your phone home screen by using the minimize button or minimize these settings. 
  9. Once you get to your home screen make use of three fingers to triple tap on your phone again. 
  10. Another option will pop up from the option select “Choose Filter”.
    How To Avoid Police Wahala
  11. From the choose filter option select Grayscale Inverted. 
  12. Then use the radio button to zoom it to the highest. 
How To Avoid Police Wahala for Using iPhone

In this way, your screen will look damaged and you cannot do anything to bring it back up. 

Which data remains the same even if you press the power button on and off again. 

Don’t panic, we are still going to show you how you can reverse the setup so and to make your phone look normal back. 

How To Reverse The Settings 

  • All you need to do is triple-tap using three fingers on your phone again. 
  • Then select Choose filter on the Choose filter option select None. 
  • The option that you increase all the buttons that you increase earlier can reduce it back to normal. 
  • That should make your phone work back to normal which should be working perfectly again in this way. 

So all you need to do to bring it back again is to have your phone retrieve your finger again, choose filter select grayscale inverted increase the option then your phone will still look as if it needed to be repaired again. 

That is one of the best things you can do to avoid any police arrangement as an iPhone user. 

Bottom Line

Do you find these iPhone tips useful or helpful? If so, try to share it with your friends by letting them know about our website and share different kinds of tips using the URL link. 

You can copy the URL link once you look above all the below sections of your browser click on it and copy the link from the share the link with your friends to let them know what they can do with their iPhone or what they can do to avoid any police around that you might come upon them in future.


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