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How To Apply For Mtn Scholarship 2023 (Scheme) 

If you’re one of those people that have been searching for the latest method on how to apply for the MTN scholarship 2023 then it seems you are on the right page. 

The MTN scholarship scheme 2023 is said to be an annual scholarship that can regulate and begin to apply for people that are eligible for it. 

So if you wish to grab more knowledge about this MTN Free scholarship 2023 then you should keep reading this article or try to grab the intensive knowledge you need to grab about it see the end of this post. 

Mtn Scholarship 2023

The MTN scholarship is a scheme that has been divinely designed to be offered scholarships to different people yearly or annually which is designed for people that are seeking it and that are qualified with determination on their studies. 

So the 2023 scholarship that has been established by MTN in previous years is now here which is a normal thing that is done annually by The Giant network provider. 

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The scholarship was called the MTN science and technology scholarship scheme which in other words is also designed for blind students and was given the name MTN scholarship scheme for blind students. 

So this short form of this to Schme is said to be MTN STSS and MTN SSBS, which is the short form name that is given to this MTN scholarship 2023.

And you should know that before you can be eligible for the scholarship you should be a 300-level student that is studying science and technology-related courses. 

I’m for this other part of the scholarship that is designed for blind people. They will be eligible to eat if they are studying in any related public institution. 

Some of these public institutions might include the College of Education Polytechnic or any University out there around the nation or Across The Nation. 

The scholarship is designed to be awarded to two people that apply and was selected which is said to wash up to 200,000 naira. 

So before you should think of applying or sitting for this MTN scholarship 2023 you should know the Criterion that will make you think and think that you are eligible to apply for it. 

Mtn Scholarship 2023 Eligibility Requirements 

This section includes what you need to have that will make you know if you are eligible to apply for the MTN scholarship in 2023.

Criteria For Level Of Study

The level you are in or which you are currently studying will also determine if you are eligible for this MTN scholarship. 

As it was stated on the official scholarship page a student that is studying any related courses from science or technology and he or she is in the 300 level year will be able to apply for the scholarship. 

This is why the scholarship is given the name MTN Science and Technology scholarship for 300-level students currently finish their second semester 200 Level exam. 

That is there is a brand of their second semester 200 level examination that can make them eligible to apply for this scholarship. 

So for the blind student section which is called the MTN scholarship for blind students, they are eligible for this scholarship if the 11 involve them to study in any public University College of education or polytechnics. 

The scholarship is open to all students in their third year. 

Mtn Scholarship 2023 Institutions Criteria 

The institution where you study also will determine which has been mentioned above that students who study science and technology can apply for the scholarship. 

And blind people who have been able to enroll in any public University Polytechnic or college of education around the nation can also apply for the scholarship. 

Course Studying 

The course that you study also determines if you will be eligible to apply for this MTN scholarship 2023.

If you are not a blind person you will need to be studying any particular course pertaining to science and technology. 

And blind people can enroll in the scholarship with any course as long as they have been able to stay in any public higher institution. 

Determination Of CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) 

Every student that wishes to apply for the scholarship CGPA will also determine if they will be able to apply for it. 

Which four people under MSTS are responsible to maintain a cumulative grade point average CGPA of 3.5 or 3.4.

And the student under STEM should be able to apply for the scholarship if they have maintained a 3.0 CGPA or more with that should be determined under Higher National Diploma HND or in ong. 

And the cumulative grade point average for blind students should be 2.5 on their University aspect. 

I’m for the Polytechnic expect they should be able to maintain a 2.0 CGPA so as to be able to apply for this scholarship. 

This has all the criteria you should know about so as to know if you are eligible to apply for the MTN scholarship 2023 you should get to know more about the kite area once you get to the MTN scholarship page. 

How To Apply For Mtn Scholarship 2023

All you need to do so as to apply for the scholarship that has been set aside by MTN to fill a form which is the application form. 

But it is recommended to visit the scholarship page first before you move further to anything. 

  1. Go to your browser and type in www.mtnonline.com/scholarships which is the official scholarship page designed by mtn. 
  2. Then you cannot look around and read through the Criterion before you can slash through to the main form. 
  3. The page that we are now due to see the form directly without using the scholarship page. 
  4. Once you get to your browser type in the following address apps.mtn.ng/scholarships/form instantly you should be provided with the form. 
  5. Which is the next thing to do if you feel you are eligible to apply for the scholarship. 


That is just everything you need to know that has been said outside BIOS about the MTN scholarship 2023 which includes the criteria and we show you your eligibility status before you can go ahead to apply. 

Let us know below in the comments section if you are selected as one of the MTN scholarship students in 2023, which will be delivered to other people how this article was helpful to them and you. 


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