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Mtn Free Data – Get Free 3.5GB Plus 7000 Bonus On Mtn

As of last week we brought an update to you that seems related to this latest Mtn free data or Mtn 3.5GB which
most people seem to disregard and look down to, but it also looks similar to the update about how to get Mtn
free 600MB, 1.5GBhow to get mtn free 600MB, 1.5GB, etc that we talk about.


We also dig in to process on how you can get free 10GB on Mtn which this recent post also brings light to that
because we are making use of a new Mtn sim which came with the plan yafun yafun that is attached with great
airtel deal and free data offer for users who are eligible for the plan and old Mtn sim are restricted from this

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Not to talk much we move on to what brings up this post which is a simple way on how we can gain free access
to the internet on our mtn sim with the free mtn 3.5GB and Free mtn N7000 Airtel Bonus. 


How To Get Mtn Free Data Of 3.5GB And Mtn Airtime Bonus Of 7000


  1. To get the free data and the airtime bonus you need to purchase a new mtn sim or line.
  2. The sim should be a 4G Sim card that came with yafun yafun plan.
  3. All new sims are eligible for the plan, the load airtel worth N1000 to the line.
  4. That should be done after the activation and successful registration process.
  5. Once you load the airtel data worth of 3.5GB or 4GB will be redeemed to your line.
  6. That also came with an Airtime bonus of N7000 or more. 


You can check if the mtn free data and airtime has been redeemed to your line by dialing the number code to
check balance. 

Mtn free data mtn 3.5GB

NOTE: The 1000 Airtime should be load with normal process or procedures which is used to load card or airtime
on mtn. 


Have you gotten your own free data of Mtn 3.5GB and Free Airtel Bonus worth 7000?

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If so let know view the comments section or view our telegram group connected with the channel. 



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