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Mtn Activation Of Mtn 3.25GB For 800 Valid For A Week

Due to this lock down issue most people have been online surfing the Internet 24/7 which will lead to a lot of consumption of data, That makes us put more effort on looking and searching for free browsing cheat and affordable data plan for our humble followers. We present to you mtn 3.25GB for just N800 and it is valid for 6-7 days approximately. 


But the activation process seems unlike a trick to get the mtn data plan that we will all reveal to you all. Normally in some cases we activate mtn 3.5GB for 1000 which seems kind of expensive for some people and some cases we also get Mtn 4GB for N1000 which does not seems to available for most people, But don’t worry we’ve got you covered with this affordable and cheap mtn data plan 3.25GB for 800.


We will show you a simple and smart trick on how to get the mtn 3.25GB on this post, these steps and procedures are stated below appropriately. 


How To Activate Mtn 3.25GB For 800 


To activate this data plan you have to be an mtn subscriber and also have Mymtnapp on your android smartphone or IOS device before you can be able to proceed with the activation process. 


  1. Login to your MyMtnApp.
  2. if you don’t have one Get one download from here.
  3. After you have gained access to the app.
  4. Click on the tab that states as Hot Data Deal (HDD).
    mtn 3.25
  5. The Switch to Daily Deal as shown in the screenshot.
    Mymtnapp daily data plan
  6. Then you will be provided with the option tab as shown below.
  7. MTN 2.5GB for 500 And Mtn 750MB for 300.
  8. Which makes it 3.25GB, Seems You now get the trick right if not let proceed.
  9. Make sure you already have airtime worth of N800 on your line already.
  10. Then select Mtn data deal of 500 which is for 2.5GB.
  11. Now start browsing and surfing the internet with the 2.5GB plan first. 


Normally the data plan is valid for just three (3) days don’t worry about that three days validation, just keep browsing with it and one the validation date reaches follow the step here to rollover your data plan with the 750MB plan. 


We made a post on how to roll over your data plan on Mtn as yesterday you can check it out yourself to complete the guide on this post or follow the step below. 


How To Rollover Mtn 2.5GB Plan To 3.25GB Plan 


  1. After the expiry date has reached and your data is still there just.
  2. Follow the steps above then locate the data deal on the app as stated before.
  3. Select the tap for mtn data deal of 750MB for 300 then subscribe to it.
  4. When the subscription is done successfully your old data will be rolled over to the new one. 

You can now keep surfing the internet, streaming and downloading with your mtn 3.25GB data plan. 

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Does the trick work for you or not? 


Let know view the comments section and likely try to join our telegram channel for fast updates, stay safe, stay home. 


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