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Mtn Apple Music: Subscription & Get Free 6 months of Music Streaming 

The giant network provider seems to have patterned with Apple Music again which makes us have mtn apple Music subscription that can help you get free music streaming access for good 6 months. 

The mtn Apple Music offer will allow you to stream music for free on your app for good 6 months without paying anything which is why we said they just partnered again with them. 

This is where the mtn apple music code comes from. We have a specific code we can use to get this done. 

And also is more-or-less like going for a subscription which is what most people think of the offer to be. 

About Mtn Apple Music 

MTN, one of the Giants data providers around Africa has also come about with another surprising offer which is the MTN apple music offer that can help you get free streaming access on your app for good 6 months without paying anything. 

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It is more or less like doing the MTN Apple Music subscription which you will get to be charged in the next seven months once you try out this free trial. 

This offer has just been announced some weeks ago and many people have testified that once you activate it on your MTN line you will get to stream music for free on your apple music with the help of this offer. 

You will get a unique code which is said to be called the MTN apple music code that can be used to subscribe. 

All the methods of using an SMS which we will be sharing the process for you in this article so as to be part of the people that will enjoy the free trial streaming for 6-months that MTN has just been disbursed to its customers that wish to make use of applemusic. 

So now let’s get to the real process of this article which is to know much about the offer. 

How To Subscribe To Mtn Apple Music 

You can make use of different methods to subscribe to MTN apple music, one of the methods is said to be making use of the MTN apple music code or USSD code. 

And the other way is making use of SMS which should be done on your specific MTN line. 

So if you are not one of the MTN SIM owners or MTN customers out there before. 

You might not be able to enjoy this latest MTN apple music offer for you will need to get a valid SIM that is active to get this done. 

Follow the steps below that can be used to get the MTN 6-month free streaming Applemusic offer for free. 

And learn how you can subscribe to the Apple music streaming platform using your MTN at a lower rate or by using your MTN airtime. 

How To Subscribe To Mtn Apple Music Using USSD Code And Get 6 Months Free Streaming 

If you’re one of those people that are formed or searching for MTN Apple music code then this section is for you. 

  1. For you can be able to subscribe to the offer by dialing the code. 
  2. Dial *447*2*4*1#, after you die the Golden you will be prompted with two options. 
  3. 1 is to subscribe or get the free 6-month trial of the MTN Apple Music subscription. 
  4. And the second one is to subscribe to the apple music monthly plan for 1,000.
  5. The reason why new will select is the number one option that will enable you to test the offer for 6 months with zero nairas. 
  6. After you select it, wait for a short moment then another prompt message will be sent to you to accept the subscription. 
  7. Which ones you accept.
    Mtn Apple Music Offer
  8. you will now be sent a link that will redirect you to your apple music so as to create an account if you don’t have one before. 
  9. Once you create the account then you can now start streaming on your apple music different music the subscription will end in the next 6 months. 
  10. After it ends you will be charged 1000 monthly for the next seven months. 

For those that have had an apple music account before and don’t wish to create a new account while doing the 6-month free trial subscription. 

You should keep reading so as to know how you can activate this offer on your recent apple music account. 

How To Subscribe Using SMS

Apart from using the USSD code, you can also make use of an SMS so as to get the subscription done and also be among the people that will get in the free 6-month music streaming on one of the giant music streaming platforms apple music. 

The subscription can be done by going to your SMS and sending MUSIC in capital to 8,000.

Mtn Apple Music Subscription On SMS

Then you will prompt on the following process or thing to do or do so as to get the subscription activated on your apple music account. 

That’s just how you can subscribe to MTN apple music using your MTN line with the process of using a USSD code or SMS. 

Note: This is needed to be done on the MTN line which is programmed or designed for only MTN customers and not other network providers. 

Activate The 6 Months of Free Streaming On Your Previous Apple Music Account 

In case you have died the code and activated the subscription on your apple music account through the USSD code of SMS. 

If the subscription failed to appear on your apple music account all you need to do is to follow the steps below. 

  • Firstly close your apple music account app or likely reboot your phone. 
  • Then go back to your apple music account and click on the profile icon that is provided at the top right corner of the apple music app. 
    Mtn Apple Music Subscription
  • Then you should be provided with a page for a subscription offer which will provide you with 600 million musics ad free. 
    Mtn Apple Music offer Free 6 months
  • Look for another option button stated as joined through MTN.
  • Click on it then you should be able to activate the free offer, 6 months of free streaming more or less like your offer. 
  • That’s it. 


We hope we have been able to get your own free MTN Apple music offer by following the steps in this article. 

If so let us know below in the comments section if the 6 months of free music streaming on apple music is enjoyable or not. 


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