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Mtn And Amazon Collaborate To Deliver Prime Video To Your Mobile 

The collaboration of MTN with Amazon will lead to the provision of Prime video to your mobile devices or for mobile devices. 

It has just been brought to notice that MTN has partnered with Missouri to provide people with prime video on mobile devices only. 

So the kind of offer that people will get on Amazon Prime video when MTN just partnered with them is to enjoy some kind of lower cost of the subscription. 

This will get two people to see a lot of TV shows and movies on the mobile version of Amazon prime video which to stream or download using the MTN. 

Mtn Amazon Prime Video Partnership

You can refer to this to any of the two if that collaboration or partnership means that the MTN prime video is designed for mobile edition on a single device and for people who are subscribed for the mobile Amazon Prime video subscription only. 

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MTN customers who wish to carry out this process by subscribing to prime video on various mobile devices have access to a different catalog of movies of 9,000+.

As well as having access to different kinds of TV in standard definition or displaying definitions which we get to see on the mobile edition of TV shows of the 1,500-plus. 

The MTN Amazon Prime video partnership I just made was lively. The collaboration with one of the best network providers in Nigeria MTN is to offer customers some kind of lower subscription price for the mobile edition of the Amazon Prime video. 

This internet and network service provider is also tagged as one of the largest communications companies MTN is said to be one of the first companies to have collaborated with Amazon Prime video mobile edition and provide them with the kind of service they would like to see. 

If you have an opportunity to subscribe to this MTN prime video mobile edition you get a 30-day free trial follow-up with some 2.5GB that can be used to stream video on Amazon Prime. 

This was added to the document when the partnership was done apart from the pre try your subscription should be made lower as low as 800 Naira per month using your MTN airtime or airtime that you have on your MTN line. 

The partnership will bring a lot of offers and simplicity to remove users that subscribe to Amazon Prime Video which also makes use of MTN as their network provider. 

What Subscribers Using Airtime To Subscribe Need To Know

Furthermore, if you’re one of the MTN customers and you wish to subscribe with your MTN airtime then you will need an overall airtime amount of 2,300 Naira for the PVME + TV that can be used to subscribe to the Amazon Prime video subscription. 

What’s the subscription is done then you will get access to different TV shows/movies using your mobile device or tablet later device which will allow you to stream and download high-definition movies on three different kinds of devices at the same time but it will still be mobile related. 

How To Be Eligible For The Mtn Amazon Prime Video 30 days Free Trial 

As it was made a general announcement by MTN that you will get a 30-day free trial or bundle once you are done with the terms and condition that is attached to it then it’s better to know how you can be eligible for this free trial. 

  • All you need to do before you can be eligible to get the MTN Amazon Prime video free trial is to be an MTN customer or user. 
  • You should also be a subscriber that will gain a contract for Amazon Prime video service. 
  • The eligibility service may not be available for you if you are one of those Amazon subscriptions before. 
  • If you are one of the existing Amazon subscribers in any kind of Amazon service before the free trial and not be eligible or available for you. 

How To Get Started With The Mtn Amazon Prime Video Subscription 

  1. The first thing you need to do is to log into your MTN Play account which can be done by clicking here. 
  2. Then from the option listed on your MTN Play account, you will need to select Amazon as your offer. 
  3. Then from the least, you can select either the Amazon Prime video mobile edition or prime video subscription. 
  4. Then you will need to publish your offer on Amazon’s official website Amazon.com if you are eligible for this offer. 
  5. You will be directed on what to do on the MTN play account so as to get me a subscription and activate the Amazon offer. 

After everything is completed you cannot go ahead to install the prime video app and start watching original Amazon movies and TV shows or series. 

Other Things To Know About The Offer

Once you have signed up for a free trial you should be provided with the promotional offer for the Amazon service by MTN. 

Then you should be notified through the email or SMS that you use to open or activate your MTN player account. 

The notification should contain the activation link that will help you with your subscription. 

After that, you will be provided with 30 days of free trial that start from the day you activate your email using the provided. 

Once the 30 days are completed the free trial will expire still through the activation link. 

We will now be provided with another Direct link to sign up for Amazon Prime Video service on MTN. 

From there you will need to accept the terms and conditions for your plan which you will now be directed to the Amazon official website to log in and set up your main Amazon account. 

From MTN we started to implement payment for your subscription fee for the first month if you have the PV mobile edition, activated on your mobile account. 

In the range of 5 months to 1 year that the subscription really made you can get to enjoy more than one free trial from the MTN Amazon Prime video subscription fee. 

An email subscription fee is 800 PVME which is said to be the Prime video mobile edition. 

And you can get all the subscription plan for 2300 which is PV ME + TV, distance from prime video mobile edition Plus television. 

The subscription might be done in an automated way and you will need to follow some steps on your MTN line so as to cancel the Amazon Prime video subscription service you have on your line. 

How To Cancel Mtn Amazon Prime Video Subscription 

All you need to do to cancel your Amazon subscription for Amazon Prime video subscription for MTN is too straight to my MTN app. 

All the way go to the MTN web service portal alternatively you can use in USSD code to cancel the subscription which is *447#.

You can follow up with details that will lead you to cancel your Amazon Prime video subscription service on MTN with your account can be removed at any time if MTN notices any fraudulent activities with your Amazon Prime Video subscription or Amazon Prime video account. 

Mtn Amazon Prime Video Subscription List

As they are the PVME subscription which is 800 per month likewise they also PV ME + TV which is 2300 per month all being powered by the MTN and Amazon collaboration. 

But after you finish your free trial on the PV mobile edition then the standard Amazon subscription charges apply. 

The standard Amazon subscription charge in collaboration with MTN is 5,000.

But for the prime video mobile edition that is being on leave due to the partnership with MTN, it will stay at 800 & 2300.

The subscription will be done automatically on a monthly basis which you can get to stop by implementing the cancellation process that we stayed above. 


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