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How To Make Your Laptop Boot In Less Than 2 Seconds

If you have an old laptop and the booting speed is not encouraging then this post is for you because you’ve been learning how to make your laptop boot in less than 2 seconds using this latest 2023 method. 

This article will also trigger other keyboards like the latest method in 2023 on how to make your laptop both fast. 

Not only just a laptop if you are making use of a desktop that runs on a Windows operating system or a personal computer in general PC that does not boot fast or to your own taste. 

And the best thing is that it doesn’t matter if you are using a lower processor or a higher processor on any of these respective laptop computers or personal PC. 

This process will actually work for you and change your laptop boosting speed drastically by just following these simple steps we are about to share with you below. 

You might have been searching around and looking for different guides online on how to make my laptop boost fast in 2023, if so then you don’t need to search anymore. 

For this laptop boot 2 seconds guide we are about to share with you we solve 99.9% of your problem or booting problems you are facing on any kind of computer or laptop. 

Now it’s time to move to the most interesting part of this article. 

How To Make Your Laptop Boot In Less Than 2 Seconds In 2023 

  • Once you get to your computer and you are on the desktop mode or computer mode. 
  • Go to your keyboard section and type this particular boating or click Windows + R button. 
    boot laptop fast
  • Which will bring up a pop-up menu or a pop-up page, prompt page. 
  • Type the following word inside the box provided on the page “msconfig“.
  • Then click on the ok button or tab on the enter button. 
  • This will lead you to the boot option menu now click on the boot option. 
  • That can be fine above the recent page that was displayed to you. 
  • On the next page that you will see, find or look for the Advance menu
    How To Make Your Laptop Boot Fast
  • Click on it, and on the next page you will see the Number Of Processor option will be provided. 
  • Turn It On by hovering your mouse over it and take it or Mark it. 
  • They will be provided with another option under the settings click on that particular option. 
  • And select the highest number of processors that your laptop is programmed with. 
  • Mine is provided or programmed from 1 to 8, which I select 8.
  • All the laptops can be provided with a number of processes that range from 1 to 6, 1 to 5, 1 to 4, and so on. 
  • All you need is just to select the highest number of the processor and proceed by clicking on okay. 
  • On the next page once you click on the ok button then you can now click on apply and select okay. 
  • You will be asked to reboot or restart your computer so as to apply the change. 
  • Also, You can either restart now or exit and restart later. 

Once you do this you should see your laptops to start booting or building in less than 2 seconds. 

It doesn’t matter again if you are running on a higher or lower processing unit or processor. 

Just follow the steps as it was stated above then you should enjoy yourself with the knowledge on how to boot your laptop in less than 2 seconds with this latest 2023 method. 

So you should not be ashamed of turning off and turning on your old laptop or computer again due to being the kind of slow booting option you might experience whenever you put it on or whenever you want to turn it on. 

Once you use the method that will provide your old laptop should start booting as you wish for it to keep booting which is fast and straightforward. 

Bottom Line

This particular method that is being provided on how to boot your laptop in less than 2 seconds is for people that are making use of the Windows operating system on their computer or personal computer. 

If you are making use of another operating system then you should go ahead to look for ways that can make your laptop boot fast if you are experiencing slow but whenever you turn on your computer. 


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