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How To Find, Lock, And Erase A Lost Android Device 2024

You might have been hearing about a lost android that went into the cloud but you don’t know how you can do that on your own personal lost android phone which brings reference to the lock and android phone, and it will also lead us through the way on how you can also find and erase your lost android phone or device. 

We considered you to follow up on this article and get some of the settings turned on, on your android phone or gadget because the android devices manager has brought or is now available with some kind of features that you can safely use to track your stolen, not found android gadgets

In some cases, you might be doubtful that your phone has some wrong hands. You can use part of the android device manager settings we are about to share with you on this post to get your android device back. 

How To Turn On Android Device Manager 

To be able to lock, erase and find your android device whenever it is stolen you will need to turn on the android devices manager which can be done as follows. 

  • Go to your phone settings and look for Google settings or just find a way to locate Google settings on your device. 
  • Once you get there click on android device manager, look for the find my device option, and turn it on. 
  • Allow the remote lock setup, once you check the lock and reset option the screen will signal you to allow the device manager settings. 
  • If you are finding it difficult to see or locate the Google settings application or settings on your android devices then you can just go to your phone browser. 
  • And search for Google android device manager which will now stable you to a page where you will be provided with what you are looking for which is the Google android settings. 
  • It’s recommended to make use of chrome whenever you want to search for these settings. 
  • The page you just stumbled on will show you all records you have been going through with your Google account which you will see yourself once you gain access to the settings on your device. 
  • Make sure you enable the android device manager settings on every device that is linked to your Google account which can be done on the settings you just locate now. 
  • Select the android device that has been stolen or lost from the list and click on the next option button lock and Erase settings. 
  • This will send a signal to the android device you just selected the settings for and you will need to open the current phone device manager to activate the settings at once. 

In some cases, if your android device is turned off you will get a warning stating that the device is turned off. 

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How To Find, Ring, Lock, And Erase Your Android Device 

Before your phone got lost or stolen or you can find it again, then you have already enabled the android device manager that can allow you to do anything with your phone remotely. 

With the power of your own personal Google account, you can get things done like finding the lost phone or android device, making the phone keep ringing, locking the phone remotely and also erasing the phone totally remotely. 

Now open the Google device manager on another phone web browser, once you locate the phone on the record. 

The location will be available on the phone Google map page. 

If the location did not show up then you will need to click on the location button that can be found in the upper right corner of the device manager interface. 

You have also already enabled the settings on the lost phone before. 

Some other remote setup you can still do on the android device manager is to lock the phone, ring out loud the phone and erase the android phone completely. 

To make your phone ring can only be recommended when you don’t know where you keep your phone around the house which can be done, still on the Google android devices manager. 

You will be provided with the option there that once you click on it your phone will start ringing or keep vibrating if the android gadget is on silent. 

It will keep repeating itself until you find the phone. 

The second option that can be used to lock your phone, when you select the option you will be asked to provide a new passcode for the android phone, that you will need to input once you find the phone. 

Select the option, fill in the passcode or secret key you will remember, and enable the phone lock at once. 

Make sure the passcode or secret key you access is remembered or write it down somewhere safe. 

And lastly, you can wipe out or erase the android phone completely which can be done remotely too still with the help of the Google android devices manager settings. 

Still on the same menu, select the erase tab, once you select it you will be prompted to access the protocol that is attached to it. 

Which is to wipe the phone completely without any data left on it, once you select and allow the option the stolen phone will be wiped completely. 

That’s just if you have just found, locked, rang and erase an android phone. 


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