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How To Activate Mtn Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat On Ha Tunnel Plus VPN 2022

Another free browsing Cheat 2022 is out blazing right now which is something you should know about if you feel like using one, this feature is one of the popular VPNs so with the help of this app you can be able to browse with your sim, you should look into the steps below on how to activate mtn unlimited free browsing cheat on ha tunnel plus VPN. 

He Hatunnel or the other one people still call it the same but you should also know that the process that entails activating this unlimited browsing is quite easy all credit to ha tunnel plus VPN if I may say. 

We are not in any position to provide any cheat or free browsing cheat 2022. Rather, we are to make a review on whatever is trending and make an educational article relating to what people want to stick to at the end or read a full article. 

Requirements For The Latest Mtn Unlimited Free Browsing 2022

  • Download Ha tunnel plus VPN or Hatunnel plus VPN from the play store or click here
  • Get an mtn sim without any data plan, airtime or bundle. 
  • A android phone with an active 4G network recommend then follow the step below. 

How To Activate Mtn Unlimited Free Browsing On Ha Tunnel Plus 2022

  1. Once you download and install the ha tunnel plus VPN. 
  2. Open it with a network or internet present on an alternative sim. 
  3. Make sure you download the latest version of the hatunnel vpn. 
  4. Now open the VPN, once the update tweak message pops up make sure you update the tweak. 
  5. On the main page you will see a button named custom set-up. Mtn unlimited free browsing cheat
  6. Toggle if off if it is on, and click on the arrow face down button. 
  7. And find the tweak named NG Mtn Unli?  Select it. ha tunnel mtn unlimited free browsing 2022
  8. Now go select the United States server from the top of the ha tunnel vpn main menu. Mtn unlimited Free Browsing 2022
  9. Then boom go turn on your mtn data connection and connect to the vpn to enjoy your mtn unlimited browsing. 

Once it connects you can keep browsing with your network using the free browsing 2022 mode with the help of the VPN. 

How To Activate Mtn Unlimited Free Browsing On Ha Tunnel Plus 2022

Things To Note About This Latest Mtn Unlimited Free Browsing 

  • You should have an active plan on your mtn line in order to keep the vpn connection active. 
  • Ha tunnel VPN provides free service to it’s user’s which you will need to watch ads. 
  • After you watch the ads it will grant you free access to the VPN service for some hours. 
  • Every remaining or time remaining will be stated on the VPN main menu. 
  • Lastly enjoy your latest 2022 free browsing powered by hatunnel VPN. 

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