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How to activate Mtn 100% Data bonus offer

MTN Nigeria has just introduced another offer (Mtn 100% Data bonus) which is know as MTN Differentiated Kpalasa Offer. 

And you would want to funnily ask, is MTN actually in the right state with all of these bonuses and great offers? Well, we are together in that but while it lasts, we enjoy.

This is a new offer from MTN that offers 50% to 100% data bonus to users with new 3G/4G smartphones on all data they purchase in the next 3 – 6 months depending on the type of phone you purchase.

  This offer (Mtn 100% Data bonus) is available to all 3G/4G Phones Provided that:
  1. MTN sim hasn’t been used on the device before.
2. USIM and 3G sim that hasn’t enjoyed the offer for the past 12months.   Kindly note that only 3G/4G devices that have Special Partnership with MTN will be able to enjoy the offer for 6months.  

How to Qualify for the MTN Kpalasa Offer  

  √ Simply insert your registered MTN sim into your 3G/4G phone.  √ Then, wait for a confirmation SMS from MTN confirming you’ve received the data offer.
  √ Dial *131*1# and purchase any data of your choice and enjoy your 100% data bonus. * Check your data balance by dialing *131*4# or SMS 2 to 131.

  NOTE: if your phone is a dual sim, you can still enjoy the offer on the phone if both ports are 3G or 4G enabled, aside from that it would work for just one sim [Not available for 2G].  

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Hope it works for you, but before you proceed kindly check out:


  Q1 . What kind of phone kind i get the offer for 6months? Ans : Only those 3G/4G smartphones that have special partnership with MTN can enjoy the offer for 6month.

  Q2 . What devices are classified as new on MTN network. Ans : 3G/4G devices that has never been used on the mtn network.

  Q3. How long can i keep enjoying the Differentiated Kpalasa Bonus on my device? Ans : you will enjoy the offer in the below category.   DEVICES : 4G Devices: (Standard Offer) 4G Devices: (Special Partnerships) 3G Devices: (Standard Offer) 3G Devices: (Special Partnerships)

  Q4 . Will i be able to enjoy Kpalasa Phone (20%) offer and Differentiated Kpalasa Offer? Ans : NO, you will only be able to enjoy the Differentiated Kpalasa Offer.  

Q5 . I have a smartphone used on another sim, can i still enjoy the offer? Ans: All smartphones that have not been used on the MTN network will enjoy the offer.   Simply insert a registered MTN Sim into the device.

  Enjoy your MTN 100% Data bundle on your Mtn line    Stay tune  for more related post Alitech regards.

Mtn 100% Data bonus offer Still Available?

Straight answer to these question is No and Still yes,
why i said yes was that Mtn offer there old drop customers 100% welcome back bonus as they re-activate there sim back .
so that implies to my question to be yes  so if you want the 100% bonus to be grant to you.
you just have to drop your sim for some months and re-activate is back that all.


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