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Vodacom South Africa Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 2023 With VPN (SA)

There have been several unlimited and limited free browsing that we have been making publications on via our platform, which most seem to be favorable for our humble view in a worldwide way. Today we bring to you
Unlimited browsing in 2023 or unlimited free browsing cheat On Vodacom for our humble South African Viewers
which seems to be blazing free browsing that turns out to be unlimited at their own end. 

Actually, there are a lot of VPNs out there that people from SA make use of to power up their Vodacom unlimited
free browsing but we are going to pick the major once we know it works well and can able to power up your
Vodacom unlimited browsing well which won’t fuck you when try to browse with it for free, for some people
there are already blazing and roaming with the VPN browsing unlimitedly with their Vodacom sim. 

We will actually make a list of VPNs and show you how to make it connect to your device and browse
unlimitedly with the help of does VPN. 

Major VPN That Powers Up The Vodacom Unlimited Browsing 2023

  1. EC tunnel VPN: This is one of the best VPNs so far and the tweak has been on it for some time now. 
  2. Edoztunnel VPN: is also a suitable VPN for this tweak and also powers up the Vodacom unlimited browsing as well. Although the tweak was just added on the VPN. 
  3. Http Injector VPN: This is a custom VPN that enables the one to create his/her config file and share it with others. We’ve got one for you as well. 
  4. UT Loop VPN: Recently Added VPN it’s Also power some other tweak which most tweaks are already embedded in The VPN Tool. 

Now move to the requirements of this free browsing cheat of tweak which is strictly for SA South Africa users or members only if you are from another region like Ghana, India, or Nigerian and you are opportune to come across the article then you can go ahead to check out some free browsing cheats and tweak we offer on our blog. 

like that of Mtn Ghana 0.0K free browsing cheat, Airtel Free data cheat for India, 9mobile and Airtel Social bundle cheat we offer for Nigerian and more which you can find and the free browsing category on our blog, now we

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Requirements For The Vodacom Unlimited Free Browsing 2023

  • A Vodacom sim without data or airtime available on it is needed (just should be 0.0k) 
  • VPN that suit you is needed as listed above. 
  • Ec tunnel VPN can be downloaded from the play store. 
  • Edoztunnel VPN is needed Can also be fetched from the play store. 
  • Http injector VPN is needed too for the users that like to go for it. 
  • An http injector config file is needed to download it from here. 
  • Download the Http injector from the play store by clicking here

After all this you are good to go then we pick the VPNs one after the other then we explain how to make use of
it to power up your Vodacom sim and start browsing unlimitedly with its unlimited free browsing. 

Note: The three VPN listed on this article did some work for the browsing tweak or
browsing cheat. We just made a list of them and told you how they operate so that you
can know which one to make use of at your own capacity. 

How To Set Vodacom Unlimited Free Browsing With Ec Tunnel VPN 

  1. After you have successfully downloaded and installed the EC tunnel VPN. 
  2. Open it and click on the first button which is named to be the server. 
  3. Find the server name “SA Vodacom unlimited server” and select it.
    Vodacom Unlimited Free Browsing With Ec Tunnel VPN 
  4. Now switch to the other button which is where you will select your tweak. 
  5. Find the tweak name “SA Vodacom Unlimited“, make a selection on it, and proceed to the next step.
  6. Turn on your Vodacom data connection with no airtime or data on it, then go back to the VPN And Hit the
    Start button.
    Vodacom Unlimited Browsing With Ec Tunnel VPN 
  7. Wait for some sec the VPN will connect if you follow all the stepwell as stated above, then you are good to
    go you can now start browsing unlimitedly with your Vodacom sim view the internet connection with the
    the help of the VPN. 

Features Of Ec tunnel VPN With Respect To Vodacom Unlimited

  • Fast in connection and speed in browsing. 
  • The VPN has its own separate server to select your tweak server which is awesome. 
  • No need to come back and update your tweak or config, unlike the Http Injector VPN.
  • It also contains more tweaks and alternative tweaks that you can use to browse with respect to your
    country server and next.

How To Set Edoztunnel VPN For Vodacom Unlimited Browsing 2023

  1. As we said earlier you can get the VPN from the play store. 
  2. After you have downloaded and installed the VPN. 
  3. Open the VPN on the menu bar, and hit the first button which entails the server of the tweak.

  4. Select the server named “SA Vodacom Unlimited Server“.

  5. Next to the below button which entails the main tweak of the server. 
  6. Also, make a selection on the tweak named “Vodacom SA Unlimited“.
    Edoztunnel VPN For Vodacom Unlimited Browsing 2020
  7.  Now turn on your Vodacom data network and go back to the VPN then hit the pink circle you saw

Then the VPN will start connecting within a few seconds. It will connect and you can start browsing unlimitedly
with your Vodacom South Africa server. 

Features Of Edoztunnel VPN With Respect To Vodacom Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

  • The VPN also engages in connection fast once the button it’s hidden. 
  • No searching for the latest or updated config file. 
  • All tweaks are embedded on the VPN with their own server. 
  • The VPN is higher maintained and organized with different tweaks. 

Now we move to the last part before we make our conclusion. but most people seem to know about this earlier anyways we still choose to write on it for does that just discover such tweak? 

How To Set Http Injector For Vodacom Unlimited Free Browsing 

  1. In the successful installation of the VPN (Http injector VPN) 
  2. You will need a configuration file as stated above which we provide a download link to get it. 
  3. Now open the VPN, on the top right corner of the VPN, you will find a button there. 
  4. Hit on the button and select the import file and locate the filter you just downloaded from the above link.
    Http Injector For Vodacom Unlimited Free Browsing
  5. After that turn on your Vodacom data connection and hit the connection button on the VPN.
  6. The VPN will connect within 10 secs after the connection is engaged you can then minimize the VPN app
    and start browsing unlimitedly with your Vodacom sim. 

Features Of Http Injector With Respect To Vodacom Unlimited Browsing Cheat

  • A custom config file tweak is mostly used on it. 
  • Once the file server expires you will need to download the latest film. 
  • Single tweak config files you import will be found only on the VPN. 
  • Suitable and light to browse with a user to power up any browsing tweak. 
  • The VPN is recommended by most bloggers. 

Things To Note About This Unlimited Browsing Tweak

  1. All VPNs work in the same process; you just have to pick one and use it to power up your Vodacom
  2. It was stated that the VPN might disconnect after 10min of connection which is issued from the server used
    to power up the tweak.
  3. All you have to do after it’s the disconnect is to disconnect and reconnect the VPN part.
  4. All VPNs are embedded in their respect app except the Http injector VPN which you have to look for to config file
    and import on it. 
  5. No expiry date for any of these VPNs except the HTTP injector which is why you always need to get the config file


Our main aim in bringing this article to your notice is to let you know what is going on out thereby providing you with the latest free browsing tweak with respect to your country server. Because data plans are difficult to purchase sometimes, especially when you have heavy files to download or when you love to stream online non-stop. 

We hope to serve you more of this related post by letting us know what your thoughts are about these tweaks
and also remember to join our Telegram channel


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