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Top 3 Phone tracker apps in 2023

Cell phone devices have made human beings dependent on them. Smartphone devices are necessary for everyone to parents, and employers. People use it to make phone calls, and send and receive messages. Moreover, users download messaging apps and browse websites and online games. However, cell phones have made teens and business data vulnerable to cyber predators and cyber-attacks. Moreover, young teens perform inappropriate activities, and business professionals use them for emails, instant communication, and many other activities. best Phone tracker apps 2023.

Parents and employers want to track phones for digital parenting and keep tabs on employees during working hours. So, we have tested the service of the top 3 phone tracker apps that are beneficial for you. Let’s do a short review of the cell phone tracking applications below.

TheOneSpy phone tracker software:

TheOneSpy is a cell phone tracker app that empowers you to monitor kids’ and employees’ phones and activities. The phone tracker app has dozens of tracking features that empower you to monitor and track kids, employees, and individuals to the fullest. Users can track phone calls, social media, keystrokes, browsing history, screenshots, surroundings, and many more.

It has a non-rooted cell phone spy application and jailbreaks solution for iOS devices. Do you want to install TOS on your target phone? You need to begin with purchasing the license using the web. You will and get the credentials and access to the dashboard and activate the features to get the job done.

10 Best things about TheOneSpy phone tracker:

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Here is the following valuable information you need about TOS mobile tracking application.

  • It has an un-rooted application for android phones
  • It has a jailbreak solution for iOS devices
  • It has exclusive features that work without root
  • It works invisibly on the target cell phone device
  • It would be undetectable on target phones
  • It is one of the temper proof applications
  • It is best for setting parental on kid’s phones
  • It can track employee’s activities on phones
  • It is easy to install and set up on mobile
  • It takes 3 minutes to complete the installation process 

Top Features of TheOneSpy phone tracking software 

Here are the following features of TOS cell phone monitoring application for android, and iPhones. 

  • Screen recording 
  • Screenshots 
  • Social media tracker 
  • GPS tracking  
  • Browsing history tracker 
  • Read messages 
  • Surround recording 
  • View 360 

Features for iOS jailbreak devices

  • WhatsApp 
  • Contacts 
  • Installed apps 
  • iMessages 
  • Device info 
  • Call logs 
  • SMS 

OgyMogy mobile tracker app:

It is the most powerful mobile tracker app and PC monitoring solution. You can use it to keep a hidden and digital eye on android phones. In the post, we discuss phone monitoring, so we are bound to discuss that solution compatible with cellphone devices. It is software that you can use to set parental control on your teens. You can track teens addicted to messaging apps, social networks, online dating apps, and browsing activities.

 It can also track cellular networks of android phones and empowers you to monitor incoming and outgoing calls to the fullest. The application has ultimate solutions for spying and tracking android phones and empowers you to get the real-time location of your lost/ theft cellphones connected to cyberspace.

Best perks we have gathered of OgyMogy phone tracker 

  • It can monitor android phones and tablets without root
  • It performs every tracking activity on cellphone secretly
  • It has dozens of features that remain hidden while working
  • None of the anti-mobile tracking apps can detect it on a phone
  • It is easy to install on the mobile device
  • It is best for parental control and for tracking employees 

Top Features of OgyMogy tracking app for android 

  • You can see the following features of the world’s best phone tracker that enable parents to monitor teen’s ad employers to keep tabs on employees.  
  • Social media tracking 
  • SMS 
  • Unblock photos 
  • Monitor bookmarks 
  • Location tracker 
  • Call history 
  • Browsing history 
  • Calendar activities 

Mspy cell phone tracking app: 

Mspy is one of the well-known brands that are offering services for tracking cellphones connected to cyberspace. It has more than 25+ mobile phone tracking tools that can discover and unveil the activities that happened on the cellphone devices connected to cyberspace. You can use it to track and monitor android and iPhone without them knowing. It has features like keystrokes, call recording, screenshots and many more. 

Mspy is one of those apps that are efficient and accurate in its services. However, the process of installation is a complex activity to perform. You can get a subscription to track your target cellphone devices, but it takes time to install it on the target device. It provides a family kit for setting parental control on kids’ and teens’ cellphone devices. 

Pros & Cons that you need to know about Mspy 


  • It comes with excellent customer support that will assist you 24/7.
  • It has a web-based online control panel
  • Mspy offers high date send security, but unfortunately got leaked a couple of times
  • It has one of the fastest customer support team that reply to user’s queries 24/7


  • Users may need to root an iPhone or Android device to access certain monitoring features.
  • Users need to root and jailbreak for its features

The most powerful & dynamic features of Mspy 

You need to look at the following features you can use to monitor and track any cellphone device without facing hazels. 

  • Monitor calls 
  • Sent and received messages 
  • Read messaging apps 
  • Track location
  • Control apps and program 
  • View multimedia files 
  • Read emails 
  • Access to contacts & Calendars 
  • Remote control features 

These are the few features of the Mspy cellphone tracker you need to use to do surveillance on any mobile device to the fullest. 


Are you looking forward to get your hands on the best phone tracker in 2023? You are on the right time and right place, and you can choose one of three to stop your terrible and hectic search. In my opinion you need to choose TheOneSpy or OgyMogy to set parental control on kids and to monitor your employees. 


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