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ODSG Free 2500 – How To Get Yours (Make Money Online 2023)

It’s not quite easy to make money online even in 2023, but still, you need to come up with an easy breakthrough that is why we wish to inform you about ODSG free 2500 from the social initiative platform. 

If you are patient enough you will earn yourself a free N2,500 straight to your bank account by just dialing some codes on even more than one sim and getting more than 2500.

Not that you will only get 2500 at once but if you are users that have more than one sim you can stand a chance to earn the ODSG social initiative free N2500 more than once another easy way to make money in 2023.

ODSG Social Intervention Initiative 

The ODSG social intervention initiative was just invented to offer people free money in 2023 regarding the upcoming governorship election in Ondo state in the coming week. 

So once you carry out the process or task that needs to be done so as to get the free 2500 from ODSG.

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Then your account will be credited with 2500 even if you are not from Ondo state, which can be done anywhere around the nation. 

That’s once you have the ability and know what it takes to make even a dine then you are good to go to make yourself free money from ODSG 2500 or even more. 

Now we like to get to the main point. 

Requirements That Can Allow You To Get The ODSG Free 2500

  • Get a mobile phone with an active sim on it (Any Network) 
  • ODSG 2500 code which will be stated below. 
  • Ways to tweak the code so as to give you the money. 
  • A Bank account will be used to get or claim the free money. 
  • Again the ability to tweak the code as stated below. 

How To Get Free 2500 or More From ODSG

  1. Just go to your phone dialer and dial up the ODSG Code. 
  2. Dial *5037*707*700 With any three-digit Number# or *5037*707*800 With any three-digit number#.
  3. Example: *5037*707*700567# or *5037*707*800456#
  4. That’s it you keep tweaking the ODSG codes by changing the last three digits. 
  5. Once you get the rightful code you will be asked to provide your bank account details.
  6. Just to allow the free 2500 credited instantly to your account.
  7. The three-digit number needs to be added after 700 and 800 as you see it above from the code provided. 
  8. You might get a high rate of error or code that does not work. 
  9. Just have it in the back of your mind that you won’t give up. 
  10. So as to get your own free 2500 from this ODSG campaign. 
ODSG Free 2500

That’s it, get the code, dial it on your phone, tweak or change the last three digit number, and boom once you get the rightful code you will be asked for your account number or bank details and 2500 will be credited to your bank account. 

Here are the working codes
5037707*100 + any 3 digits#
*5037707401 + any 3 digits#
5037707*600 + any 3 digits#

This can be done on different sim or any network so if you have had more than one sim then you are good to go to earn even up to 3500.

Some Proof That Surface Online 


You can only be rewarded after tweaking the last three 3 or 6 digits of the ODSG social intervention initiative code and getting the token correctly. 

So all you need is dedication and keep trying so as to earn your own free fund from this platform and make money easily right? 

Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments section. 


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