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Obiex: App, Apk, Review & Earn $1 Per Referral Up to &100 Also Stand A Win An iPhone 

This particular platform will help you make money online in 2023, which is another way that you can earn $1 per referral on obiex App. 

The purpose of this review is to look into how you can start making money online from an obiex referral program which can also help you win an iPhone-related device. 

Also, the obiex apk is designed to help you install the application to your device if you seem to have issues with the play store download or installation process. 

The actual reason for creating this article is to lead you through a process that can help you earn $100 Dogecoin from obiex cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

About Obiex 

It’s just a related platform out there that can help you manage all your cryptocurrency transactions like exchanging, buying & sell your crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others that is what obiex is designed for. 

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It’s more or less like trending your cryptocurrency on this platform which is somehow related to a platform like Roqqu that has always been available for quite a long time. 

Obiex also features or carries out related functions to that of the leading crypto trading platform Binance

They share some related features with others to save, send, transact, and exchange your crypto assets. 

The platform seems just to start operating fully with the help of the obiex app which is the number tool that can be used to access the company. 

So a referral program is set aside for new users that wish to partake in it, which will earn you a free $1 Doge coin that can be converted to your local currency and withdrawn. 

The program also makes its users that partake in the obiex referral program stand a chance to win a mobile phone like iPhone. 

Let’s get to the bottom line: how to join the platform. 

How To Join Obiex And Start Earning 

All you need to do before you can actually join this platform and start making money online is. 

  • To download the obiex app from here direct download link from the play store. 
  • Or use the download page below to get the obiex apk latest version. 
  • Continue with the registration process and use XAIB627C as your referral code. 
  • Complete registration process up to KYC 2 compulsory and recommended. 
  • Get your referral link and share it with your friends to start earning. 
  • You should start sharing your referral link with your friends after you complete KYC 2 or your account is upgraded to KY2 level. 
  • Each referral earns you $1 Doge coin that can still be converted to your local currency. 
  • Which can later be withdrawn straight to your bank account. 

Download Obiex Apk

App Name Obiex – Swap, Buy & Sell BTC
Type  Crypto Trading Platform 
Version  3.3.6
Download Size 100MB
Dev Obiex Inc

Download Apk Here

How To Sigup On Obiex 

  1. Download the app from the link or still click here
  2. After the obiex app is installed on your device. 
  3. Open it and start the registration process with your name and some info. 
  4. Use XAIB627C referral code and ignore the promotional code section. 
  5. provide your email and verify them using the code sent to your mail. 
  6. Make sure your information tally with the one provided with your valid ID card. 
  7. Provide your login details password and pin. 
  8. The process to the next page by providing your phone number, and date of birth. 
  9. Then verify your phone number and log in. 
  10. Create a username our obiex user’s name is @Alitech. 
  11. Once you login clicks on complete KYC. 
    Obiex app sigup kyc
  12. Provide a picture of your Valid ID card which should be tallied with your name. 
  13. Take a shore selfie video which their AI will confirm. 

After your obiex account is verified you can now proceed to the next step, by joining the referral program through your own obiex unique referral link. 

How To Join Obiex Referral Program 

The obiex referral program is designed for every member you will get $1 once you refer your friend to the platform and they complete their registration. 

You can actually join this platform referral program by opening accounts with them. 

Successfully, and get your referral link then start referring. 

How To Get Your Obiex Referral Link

Once you’ve signed up and your account has been verified. 

Click on the More icon that can be found below the right section of the app. 

Then click on the referral option button. 

You should be provided with your unique referral link and referral code which is what you will share with your friends. 

You can also stand a chance to win an iPhone if you meet the requirements. 

Yes, you have referred your friend to obiex and wish to withdraw your referral reward from the platform which is provided in doge coin a cryptocurrency. 

You will need to convert it to your local currency before you can think of withdrawing them. Let’s see how that can happen below. 

How To Swap Dogecoin On Obiex 

That can be done by just selecting or clicking on the Swap Button

Select the crypto assets you want to swap which is Doge. 

Select the local currency you wish to swap to crypto access which should be something like NGNx. 

Amount of crypto assets you want to swap which should be done once you click on the swap button. 

After that is done you can now think of withdrawing on obiex. 

This process is also applicable to help you swap another cryptocurrency on the platform if you also wish to withdraw them. 

How To Withdraw From Obiex – Swap, Buy & Sell BTC Platform 

You can use the withdraw button you find on the obiex app after you log-in to withdraw your fund from the platform. 

After you click on the withdraw button you should be provided with what next you need to do so as to withdraw on the platform. 

Final Say

We have just come to the end of the obiex review and we have tried our best to provide you with little information we’ve been able to gather about the platform. 

Learn to make use of the info as it’s supposed to be done and you can still come back to see other related ways that can help you to make money online. 


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