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Mtn Mpluse Cheat With Http Injector And The Config File

As of last month we talk about the same mtn mpluse data plan in which the data plan can be used on mtn mpluse sites, but the same aspect we turn the data plan to be mtn mpluse cheat in which we find a way to power up the plan with some VPN. 


The article contains all about mtn mpluse plan, data plans, and cheat which involve powering up the data plan to work for all apps on our device with the help of some VPN like Samsung max VPN, tweakware VPN and more. 


But today we brought another alternative way to you which you will be able to enjoy using the mtn mpluse data freely without slow speed and more just with the help of our noble VPN called Http injector and it’s configuration file also called config file all tested and working fine. 


Before you can be able to get this mtn mpluse cheat work for you there are some things to put into consideration which entails the requirements let look about it. 


Requirements For Mtn Mpluse Cheat With Http Injector 


  • Http injector app available on play store ( download and install it)
  • Http injector Mtn Mpluse Configuration file ( Get the latest config file from here)
  • Mtn Mpluse Data plan ( the data plan range from 50 upwards)
  • Subscribe to the mpluse data plan by using the code *344# then follow next lead below
  • Selection option 2>1>1 for N50 for 200MB and 2>1>2 for N150 for 700Mb.
  • Make sure you subscribe to the mtn mpluse plan before you proceed to the next step. 


After you have gotten the requirements as stated above what next is to proceed to the importation and configuration of the VPN (Http injector VPN)  to power up all our apps with the mtn mpluse data plan let check it out below. 


How To Power Up Mtn Mpluse Data With Http Injector Config File


  1. After you have gotten the config file download from the above link or get it from here.
  2. It’s time to import the file, open your HTTP injector
  3. On the right top corner of the app, the menu clicks on the button in the form of a rectangular box.
    Mtn Mpluse Cheat
  4. Then select the option for import and locate the config file you just got downloaded from the link above.

  5. After successful importation, go ahead and connect the VPN.

  6. It will just take some seconds to connect.
    Mtn Mpluse Cheat with http injector
  7. That’s all, keep flexing your mtn mpluse data cheat. 


Things To Note About This Mtn Mpluse Cheat


  1. You must subscribe to any of the mtn mpluse data plan before this cheat will work for you. 
  2. Always update your config file when it gets expired.
  3. Get the latest configuration file from our telegram channel.
  4. We would be updating the file every week for 7days.
  5. Migration to mtn mpluse tariff plan is mandatory.
  6. Dial the following code to migrate to the mtn mpluse plan *344# .
  7. We will always update this post in case anything or we discover any updates. 

Yea to my own satisfaction have provided you guy with all that you need, so if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section. 



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