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Latest Mtn Data Offer – Get Mtn 10MB For N2, Mtn 75MB For N20 And More

It’s was just brought to our notice that mtn has just add some hidden data offer to their old offer which we know before, mtn activate customers can get mtn 10MB for N2, Mtn 75MB for N20, Mtn 200MB for N50, Mtn 1GB for N200 and more which is one the most affordable data plan and data offer that was just discovered and it’s liable to be the best of best in the year 2020.


We have several articles and post that are published on our site which talk into details about the mtn data offer either the mtn data offer4Me which you will get Mtn 1GB for 200 or the one that speak about how you can get the same data offer Which is Mtn 1.5GB for 300 and it’s gives some people just 1GB for 300 they are all available in our previous article check it out under the tag or the category attached with free browsing on our site. 


Now today our discussion will lice on how u can get this latest mtn data offer which is a data plan that was silently added by the mtn network provider which will enable us to get our self affordable data plan from the mtn network provider. 


How To Activate The Latest Mtn Data Offer

 (Mtn 10MB for N2, 75MB for N20, 1GB for N200)

  1. To activate the latest mtn data offer on your line. 
  2. Dial the following code *121# then slide to the option data offer4Me. Or 
  3. You just go ahead and dial the direct code *121*1#.
  4. From there you will be provided with the data offer deal as shown below.
  5. Mtn data offer mtn 10MB for N2Mtn data offer mtn 75MB for N20
  6. Which implies you can now get  mtn 10MB for just N2.
  7. And also you can get Mtn 75MB for N20 likewise implies the rest. 
  8. MTN 200MB for N50 And 1GB for N200 which seems to be done before. 
  9. They also contain some special offers like Mtn 1.5GB For N300 and even Mtn 3GB or 4GB for 500 Wow sound awesome right. 


But remember as we said earlier this deal is for just mtn active customers which implies not all mtn customers might be available or will be able to find the data offer on their own line. 


All you have to do before you plan to go for any of the plan is to dial the following code *121*1# then you confirm if you are eligible for the plan. 


If you are then by finding the list of the plan on your data offer page just go ahead and load any of the airtime you feel to subscribe to them go ahead and activate your own perspective mtn data offer as you wish. 


Like get the vibe going join us on telegram to get a fast update on any of the data deals. View the following network providers Mtn, Airtel, Glo, And 9mobile etc Alitech and his team Will try their possible best to get you the best out of the best. 


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