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Mtn Activation Of 4GB For 1000 / Mtn 4GB For 1200

Network providers in Nigeria seem to be in a competition when it involves data deal aspect as in are you able to imagine most data plan deal zone on MTN can now be found on Airtel, 9mobile and Glo which is there grand Mater, And As you all know we mostly bring free and cheap data to you that why we glance around and convey these cheap data  to you which of them is Mtn 4G for ₦1000 that’s also available on airtel, Airtel 4GB for ₦1000 too.

Actually as you’ll see above we make announcement of knowledge deal from two different network provider,
do not be confused we’ll provide you with what we bring back you which of them MTN 4GB for ₦1000
And Not Airtel 4GB ₦1000 we’ll bring consideration into that soon if you mind knowing the way to set about that.

Also do not be confused our heading could be pointing to 2 sort of data deal from same network provider
which MTN 4GB For ₦1000 and MTN 4GB for ₦1200 yes we added the ₦1200 because some
people could be eligible for the ₦1200 data deal and not ₦1000 from still same network provider MTN it depends.

Before we go more further let check and know some features of those data deal from
MTN which main one mtn 4GB for ₦1000 it actually seems cool to activate these quite data
because it seems cheap and affordable abandoning attempt to persist with us till the top .

Features Of Mtn 4GB For ₦1000

  • Available for Mtn Subscribers only.
  • Work for all Devices either Android, IOS or PCs device.
  • Data are often wont to do anything online (internet).
  • No VPN Needed to power up the info.
  • The data plan is normal mtn data plan subscription.

Now that we’ve know the features of the info plan let move to subsequent stuff on how you’ll activate these data plan on your mtn line mtn 4GB data.

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How To Activate Mtn 4GB For 1000

  1. Goto your phone And Dial below code.
  2. Dial *131*65# you’ll be given the choice as see view below screenshots.
    Mtn 4GB For 1000 Subscription code
  3. Our target is to travel the info deal of 4GB for 1000.
  4. Selecte 3 which is 4GB for ₦1000.
    Mtn 4GB For 1000
  5. Subscribe and confirm you switch off auto renew.

That’s all you’ve got successful subscribe for the info plan work of 4GB on your mtn other data deal what attached to as stated below.

Other Data Deal Attached To Mtn 4GB for 1000

  1. The Mtn 250MB are often purchase at ₦100
  2. Like Mtn 1GB are often purchase at ₦200
  3. Lastly Mtn 2GB are often purchase at ₦500

All data have there own validation date they’re going to all be stated below with the 4GB plan.

Mtn 4GB For ₦1000 Validation Day

The Mtn 4GB is valid for 30days other data plan like
for 250MB is valid for 1day, And
1GB that’s for N₦200 is valid for 7days
which is one week lastly 2GB for ₦N500 is valid for 14days
which is additionally called Biweekly plan.

Why most of the people do not know about these data plan by mtn was that no official announcement of the info from mtn it just want we discover and that we will wish to share with you so be happy to travel for the subscription mtn 4GB for just ₦1000. Let know if you’ll accumulate these data plan.

Mtn 4GB For ₦1000 Data Accumulate

Yes these data are often accumulated which mean you’ll subscribe these data the maximum amount as
you would like so grab your mtn SIM and make use of this cheap data plan as you wish either
you’re an online Gangstar that can’t keep off internet then these may be a great and favorable data plan for you.

Do these data plan too is out there on Airtel too Airtel 4GB for ₦1000
Yes we’ll provide you soon on how you’ll activate or get the info
activated to your line enjoy these first let know what you think that about these data plan

After Careful Review, this data plans are still blazing 🔥. So get your SIM cards and start enjoying
view the comments box enjoy once more join our channel here.


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