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Mtn 10GB For N1000 Latest 2024/23 100% Legit

Since it is a cheap data plan that most people are looking for nowadays we have brought you a new MTN affordable or cheap data plan that is mtn 10GB for 1000 in 2024 or recent de 2033 which you can use to download your favorite movie. 

Before you move further you might be thinking of ways that you will make use of this MTN cheap data plan 2024 that we are about to share with you for other social media but would you like to bring to your notice that this MTN 10 GB that you will get for 1,000 is only eligible and can be enjoyed for people that love or that we like to download Anything. 

Once you are one of those people that like to download movies or I’ll file on your devices and you have a very fast MTN internet connection in your area then you can proceed to learn how you can get this ship data plan from MTN in 2024.

Data plans are increasing on a casual or daily basis which is better to know which one is cheap that you can go for and which one is expensive that you don’t need to go for. 

Now we like to hit the hammer on the nail so I should show you what actually brought this article to your notice. 

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How To Get Mtn 10GB For 1000 Working In 2024

  • The first thing you need to do is to go to your Play Store or app store and download my MTN app. 
  • The app is both available for Android and iOS users. 
  • Once you download it, open the app and log in using your MTN phone number. 
  • Then you can proceed to provide the verification code sent to your number so as to help verify your number. 
  • Once that is done you’ll be redirected to a dashboard which you provide your information records and data balance or airtime balance record. 
  • Proceed to click on view details on the data and airtime balance record provided on the my MTN app dashboard. 
  • Then proceed to click on the data bundle and buy the data bundle. 
  • On the first page, you need to slow down a little and you will see a data bundle that is stated as 10GB for 1000.
  • It is part of MTN’s daily plan that this particular plan is valid for 1 hour. 
How To Get Mtn 10GB For 1000

This is one of the reasons we mentioned earlier that this particular plan is okay for people who would like to download huge files on their mobile devices and have a fast internet speed for MTN In their area. 

So if you are one of those people who have something important to download and you are looking for a cheap data plan to get it done within just 16 minutes and an hour then you can proceed to buy this data plan from your MTN app which costs you just 1000 for 10 GB. 

How do you feel about this data bundle that has been established or produced by MTN,  is it a cheap and recommended data plan or not? 

Let us hear from you so as to know what others would consider once they also land on the page. 


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