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List Of Xiaomi Phones Getting MIUI 14 Updates In 2023

Most people seem to be venturing into the usage of Xiaomi devices as of a recent day in 2023 which dynamic official press releases of some of their devices that will receive their recent operating system update which is why we come about the article all list of Xiaomi phones getting miui 14 update in 2023.

This article also works in the same way, that is if you search for a list of Xiaomi smartphones to receive miui 14 updates in 2023 then you are in the right place. 

But before that, I would like to let you know about all the things you need to know about xiaomi miui or redmi, which has been ranging from different versions to 14 that will be Rolled out soon. 

Xiaomi MIUI 14 

The Xiaomi miui 14 update is just an update that is added to the operating system on some major xiaomi devices. 

Which is the name that is given to the name of operating system that is used to operate mir show me later devices around you globe. 

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Miui 14 mobile smartphone operating system will start to be unleashed with the new phone features is now being as of the quarter of 2023.

Is better to know if your Xiaomi devices or mi devices will actually be among smartphones to received updates. 

Water most people like to search for relating to Xiaomi, is the list of xiaomi phones getting miui 14 update which is something we are going to be sharing with you on this article. 

In MWC 2023 it was said that Xiaomi will unleash a new device to the market which ranges from. 

Xiaomi 13 lite, 13 pro & 13 pro mi phones to the global market. 

It was just a way to show people what the device is capable of. 

To round up the event they come up with a list of 18 devices or a list of 18 Xiaomi devices that will be receiving the miui 14 following up with the recent device that they just released. 

List Of Xiaomi Phones Getting Miui 14 Update

It was also put into consideration that Xiaomi’s devices will also be receiving the miui 14 in the future. 

But the list of Xiaomi smartphones to receive miui 14 update as part of the old phone that people have been making use of before I adjust to things which we are going to be listing them right away. 

The update of Xiaomi or mi devices to receive the update will start in the first quarter of 2023.

N/S Brand Phone Name 
1 Xiaomi  12T
2 Xiaomi  12T pro
3 Xiaomi  12 Pro
4 Xiaomi  12X
5 Xiaomi  12 Lite
6 Redmi Note 11 pro 5G
7 Redmi Note  10 pro
8 Redmi Note 10
9 Redmi  10 5G
10 Xiaomi 11T
11 Xiaomi  11T Pro
12 Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra 
13 Xiaomi Mi 11i
14 Xiaomi Mi 11
15 Xiaomi  11 Lite 5G NE
16 Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G
17 Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

These are just a list of Xiaomi or Mi devices that will be receiving the Miui 14 update in 2023.

List Of Xiaomi Phones Receiving MIUI 14 Updates In 2023

Arre you searching for a List of xiaomi phones getting miui 14 update, ben yeah is the lead is you are looking for the above. 

Miui 14 makes the inclusion of the Android 13 as the latest model show me feel like red minnows 11 and 38 are being expected to receive such Android update. 


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