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Lionshare Review In Respect To Forsage Review (Lionshare VS Forsage) Complete Review 2020

Actually there are a lot of smart contracts out there which look similar to forsage and lionshare which are the most trending smart contracts, for now, forsage has been one of the best most trending smart contracts which have helped a lot of life out there. The same thing lionshare has started doing such too. They are both launched to help people accumulate one of the best leading cryptocurrencies called ethereum. So we wish to make a
comparison on both lionshare review and forsage review in 2020 which seems like competition lionshare vs forsage and to know how this platform is being legit or scam. 

There are also related smart contracts out there like Autoethereum, a million money-smart contracts out there to that help people accumulate a lot of ethereum too which we also made our own review on. You can check the post on how to earn from auto ethereum. Likely we’ve also made our review on both platforms that was mentioned earlier know as a review on lion share or lion’s share and also complete review on forsage all are available on the platform related to our blog and niche both On Alitech blog and Alitech Airdrop Alert blog with the site Alitechng.com site. 

The main aim of bringing this article up is to make another review on this smart contract again both on lionshare
and on forsage and which we both be compiled on this same article in a step by step process that will make
you’ll understand what they both hear and how they both work so that you can know which one to go for more
and which one you should pick as your choice to you to accumulate the rising cryptocurrency ethereum. We
move by explaining what a smart contract is all about. 

What Is A Smart Contract? 

A Smart contract is a form of a program designed to work in such way that lionshare, forsage, million money, and auto ethereum not work, they are designed to work like a bot which is being topped to distribute ethereum leading by some commands in such a way like you get to earn more when you bring people to the platform. 

Smart contract lionshare and forsage

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Lionshare is a smart contract whereby forsage is also a smart contract they both work in similar way bot there
are some little things and features that made them be different which we are going to break that both for you so
that you can understand to your own taste without having anyone to explain anything to you, or maybe after you
go through this article to the. I repeat to the end if you still have any in mind to ask or what you are not clarified
with feel free to join our telegram channel and contact the admin go straight to the point and he will let you
know what you don’t know about this two platform lionshare and forsage. # lionshare vs forsage. 


Now we go by looking at how these two platforms work. 

How Does Lionshare And Forsage Work? 

This is a great question that most people are fond of asking before anything just like the top most frequently
asked questions. We go buy picking on lionshare seems most people already know about forsage. As we said
earlier they both work in similar ways. Lionshare smart contract works in such a that when you invite someone to
the platform through your affiliate link (Referral link)  you earn some ethereum, earning on lionshare are
categories in 24 different way which was mentioned by the founder James but will only talk about three top
methods to earn on lionshare here because we already made a review on the related thing before. 

Earning on forsage is quite similar to lionshare too which when you bring someone to join the platform you earn some reward to view ethereum which reward that will be offered to you depends on the level you are at. It also involves several ways of earning money like lionshare too. We will also treat how the earnings go just try to stick with us to the end. 

How To Earn On Lionshare And Forsage? 

Earning on the two platforms are similar because they are both smart contracts which you’re earning start from
Referrals, spillover, overflow and upline on lionshare share same applicable to forsage you start earning from
referral where you earn from your team which differ from how your team is said to be strong and standard that’s
how your earning will start Piling up in respect to level or level matrix you are or that you have to upgrade your
forsage or lionshare accounts. 


Level And Level Matrix On Forsage And Level Share. 

Forsage contains levels and sublevels with menu why lionshare contains a level matrix with submatrix which are
explained as followed:

Lionshare has two-level matrices L1 And L2 which both contain sub-matrices of almost 34.

L1 level matrix entails how your referrals come in, which calculate the rate at which you will be able to earn when
you refer to someone viewing the level matrix. This mostly focused on referral aspects. 

L2 With is Matrix is where you start getting your overflow and others in such a way that all your spillover,
overflow and upline earnings will come from this level in respect to the level matrix you have purchased so far,
your earnings keep growing as you purchase more and more. 

Lionshare level

Forsage also contains 2 levels with sub-levels which are level X3 And level X4 respectively. 

X3 level on forsage come from your referrals too which the more level you buy the more you start a chance to
earn more per referral for example if you buy first sub level on X3 and your referral you will earn the rate of eth
0.025 which is $6 to my calculation and when you purchase another sub level on the same X3 making two sub-level now on the same X3 you will earn another $6 when your referral anybody again. Which is in total $12 per
referral when you refer just one person on your double level X3.


X4 level entails the earning from overflow spillover and more on forsage which contain sub-level up to 12 and as
you buy more levels you earn more when your team spills and other overflow earning flows from downline and upline. 

Forsage level

Isn’t that awesome?  That’s just the tricks behind this as you buy more level and work and you earn More
ethereum from this smart contract. Specifically on forsage and lionshare is different. 


What Is The Major Difference Between Lionshare And Forsage? 

The major differences between these two smart contracts are:


In forsage you will lose your profits once you fail to upgrade to the next level. For example when you finish your
first level in X3 which you are to referral three people and you refuse to upgrade your level by purchase either X4
or next level on same X3 too bad your profit will be redirected to your up lines who as carry out an upgrade on
his own level by either purchase X4 or Level 2 on X3 each level contains 12 levels which are known to be sub-level as shown in the screenshot below but lionshare does not does such let put it into the explanation. 


Lionshare support follows to the end in such a way that either you upgrade your level or not your follower will
still be your what’s the infect is that your earning will be different from does who upgrade their level the high
level you are the high your earn from overflow and spillover which are all recorded here both for forsage and

Requirements To Join Lionshare And Forsage (lionshare vs forsage) 

What you actually need to join these two smart contracts are:

  • A Trust wallet that will be used to save your ethereum. 
  • Ethereum amount will be named below. 
  • Android and iOS devices are needed and recommended. 

In aspects of lionshare you actually need 0.04 ethereum to join the platform which is actually N3000 plus in naira
depends on the trader you brought it from but when you want to make transactions like registering view your
trust wallet you will need to add more ethereum for Gas fees which is being charged by the miller’s so
approximately you might need like 0.07eth or 0.08eth because the fees used to be high and low in respect to
how ethereum is being requested for on a daily basis. 

0.04 eth to join lionshare

For forsage before you can be able to register you actually need 0.05 ethereum which is N4000 naira plus to my
own calculation but because of Gas fees or network fees you will need up to 0.075eth or 0.085eth depends on
how they request for ethereum at that moment you want to join. 


In case you don’t know how to purchase ethereum for any of this platform you wish like to join you can contact
Alitech view the Media Tv or view the telegram channel the person in charge of the TV of Channel admin will
attend to you and help you get your account that is ethereum wallet view trust wallet funded with ethereum in
exchange with the currency you will like to purchase. 


Or in the same way, you can go ahead and purchase from online exchangers like Quidax, BuycoinAfrica,
Moderate, luno and send it to your trust wallet but that will cost you extra charges. 

That’s all about that. 

How To Join Forsage And Lionshare 

We actually use similar ways to join the two platforms Lionshare and Forsage which you can get to know how to
join forsage here both we will still explain how to join using the lion share method. You can still make use of the
same ways to join forsage. 


  1. Once you have loaded the ethereum wallet on your trust wallet app. 
  2. Go ahead and copy this link (For Lionshare  Use this link to join  https://lionsshare.io?aid=49093) and( For forsage use this link to join  https://forsage.io/i/3kbq14/) copy any of your choice.
  3. And go-to your trust wallet, below the trust wallet menu tab. 
  4. Click on the second button.  On the address bar.
  5. Paste any of the links you just copy and click on go from your keypad. 
  6. Now you will arrive at forsage or lionshare web page.
  7. What next is to click on the join now then you will see the interface that we display for both platforms below.
  8. For lionshare click on purchase why for forsage click on auto register.
  9. When the transaction is successful you will be redirected to your account dashboard. 
  10. From there you will see how it looks and what we have been talking about since.
  11. Bothe the level matrix and the level will all be listed both on forsage and lionshare. 


That’s all about that in case you still don’t know how to get this to work out then you can join the group created for the lionshare team and ask some questions from the admins you might see on the WhatsApp group

Why Am I Suppose To Pay Network Fee Ethereum (Gas fee) Why Registering?

Network fee which is also known to the Gas fee is the fee you pay whenever you are to make any transactions that partake to sending cryptocurrency from one wallet to another it’s doesn’t matters may be it’s bitcoin or ethereum you will definitely pay whenever you want to make any sending transactions either by sending to some ethereum wallet or by paying for something through smart contracts like lionshare smart contracts or forsage smart contracts.

The amount of Network fee or Gas fee to be paid when carrying out any transactions differs from the way the cryptocurrency you are making transactions on was request for on a daily basis or within a specific time.

So network fee ethereum is different from network fee bitcoin like the same gas fee ethereum differs; they are both categorized in the same way.

So in any aspect either when you purchase an amount of ethereum you want to use and join any of the smart contracts either lionshare smart contracts or forsage smart contracts and you fall in high of network fees which won’t male your transactions successful.

In that case you can just join any of the WhatsApp group view below buttons and ask any of the admin from the group to help you find someone that will sponsor you with an amount of ethereum you might need either 0.02 ethereum or 0.01 join and ask for a view below the link.

Join Lionshare WhatsApp group

Join Forsage WhatsApp Group


Is this smart contract legit or scam? (lionshare and Forsage) 

These platforms are legit and paying platforms in such a way that nobody controls how funds flow on the platform. It’s an automated programmed platform that is designed to perform tasks in the form of AI (Artificial intelligence) and you should not think of the platform to crash or other things. 


Think negative ways about rating smart contracts and let’s change your life for good and things going people are
already making from this platform. I myself actually attended one of the Zoom. 


I was opportune to meet the owner of the platform lionshare face to face and see how people have been making
testimony already about this newly launched platform called lionshare which Nigeria man is said to be the first
person who makes most naira in million from the platform lionshare. 


See some screenshots below:

James CEO lionshare

What You Need To Know About This Tow Smart Contract Forsage And Lionshare

Forsage has been in existence for quite long because lionshare is a newly launched platform in which a lot of
spillover and teamwork are still going on via the platform and it’s still fresh because it was just launched early this
week and month. 

Lionshare FAQ

They experienced some server issues when the platform was just launched. The cause was all because of a lot of
people that were there to register on the platform lol. 

Both platforms do pay well which we’ve seen a lot of testimony from. That it’s as change many lives within 24hrs
a week and more. They are both Risk-Free,  there is nothing to risk there. 

We always wish to offer you the best and let you all know what is going on out there about any online money
making tips so that you can make this cash as you all know nobody is poor. 


Let’s hear your perspective about these two platforms and know lionshare smart contract and forage smart contracts, say all you have to say about it view the comments section. 


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