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Latest Mtn Offers 2023 – Mtn 4G Refer Program (1GB or 2GB)

Mtn is here again with another great offer which involves whenever you refer your friend or family, it may likely be anybody to upgrade their Sim to Mtn 4G you will be redeemed with some reward which implies a new offer from mtn.

Mtn network providers are strictly tryin their possible best so that all their major customers can enjoy the smart life of their smart network, that’s the main reason they want people to upgrade their Mtn 3G SimMtn 3G Sim To 4G without much stress. 

So the main purpose of presenting this article to you is to enlighten you on how to enjoy this great refer program from mtn, you might land to be redeemed with either 1GB, 2GB or more depending on how many people you refer. 

Actually most people don’t like anything referral but don’t just jump into conclusion for now this Mtn 4GB refer system is quite different and there is no any stress in doing it, for you don’t need to share any link for anybody before you can enjoy the refer program on the mtn offer. 

Stick with us to the end and you will land yourself getting things done. 

How To Refer Someone To Upgrade To 4G On Mtn Network 

There is nothing hard there as we said earlier it is a simple trick. 

Just go to your phone and dial the following code *131*2*Refer number #.

Mtn 4G

What I mean by refer number is the person’s mtn number that you want to refer to upgrade their mtn sim to 4G, Although most nations like China, Korea etc are likely moving to 5G network but we in Nigeria are still roaming with 4G networks. 

After dealing the number, you will see a pop-up message on your screen telling you that you have successfully invited your friend or love once to upgrade their mtn sim to 4G. 

What next is to wait and stick together till the person upgrades their sim to 4G and both of you will be redeemed with some offer as stated above, I mean both the investor and the invitee will both enjoy the reward. 

Now we switch to how you can check your balance or how you can check if your sim has been credited with the Gigabyte (1GB upward) 

How To Check Your Mtn 4G Data offer Refer Program Balance 

Go to your phone and dial the following code *13*4# and you will be provided with the 4G data balance which shows you mtn 4G data balance. 

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How many people do you refer ?
How many GB do you receive ?

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