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Latest Method On How To Get Mtn Free 2GB

Mtn always finds a way to serve their customers in a rightful way which makes them bring another great offer, yes actually we call it offer cause it is not a cheat most people will be thinking since we said it free 2GB they might have thought it a cheat no it not. 


It’s just an offer which mtn network provider introduced that we are about to share with you how you can go about and get the offer too, mtn free 2GB sounds awesome right. 


Although this offer has come around before, but the one we are about to share with you now was just introduced as of this 2020 you will be able to get free 2GB on your Mtn line if you run the task now. 


According to mtn on there twitter page they said :

Mtn Free 2GB

Yea the screen abve or the tweet above explain everything to you, if you still don’t understand, tge trick is you just have to be a member of MyMtnApp And invite your family and friend to the app which will redeem you the free 2GB from mtn. 


Seems some people don’t still have an idea about the app is very easy to get will treat on it how you can get the app myMtnApp and how you will be able to get the free 2GB on your mtn line Lego. 


How To Get MyMtnApp


  1. As we said earlier it’s easy to just go straight to your play store or click here for direct link .
  2. Recommend you click here for easy download. 
  3. It will direct you where you will get the app downloaded on your mobile device. 


How To Get Mtn Free 2GB in 2020


  1. Although you have to be a member of mtn that is making use of mymtnapp.
  2. Click here to learn how to get access or how to login to the app after successful download and install.
  3. After your access has been granted.
  4. Switch to the menu on the app.
  5. You will find a button on the app that will refer you or will show you how you  will refer your friends to get the free 2GB on your line.
  6. Follow the method provided, when you invite someone successfully your free 2GB will be redeemed to you on your mtn line. 


That’s all. 


Let us know view the comment section if you have any questions and wait for instant reply. 


Also try to join our telegram channel for a fast update on our post. 



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