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Latest Airtel 2023 Offer – Airtel 200MB For N100, 1GB for N200

Most network provider in Nigeria have slash down there data bundle or data plans, on like mtn which you can get mtn 200MB for 100, 1.5GB for 300 implies mtn my offer and 2GB for 500 with more related offer like mtn 10GBmtn 10GB at low and affordable price same happens to glo and 9mobile too. But now we are about to discuss how you can get Airtel 200mb for 200, Airtel 1GB for 200, and 4GB for N1000 likely Airtel 2GB also goes for N500.

As of some days ago ww treat about same related article but it empathize on only mtn which we have explain above for full details about the mtn offer you can check here, for now we deal with how you can get the airtel offer which is the latest discovered way for the new year we are now 2023.

Yea I know you might be thinking how can that be possible, asin you getting airtel 200mb on your line for just 100 or Airtel 1GB for for 200, which might sounds strange to you lol, but don’t panic it my responsibility to explain and show you actual ways that will lead you to the way of enjoying the great offer. 

You might have come across something related to this article before which might or may not work for you but don’t disregard this article yet for we are about to explain how things go and how you can be able to get the listed data offer from airtel on your own airtel line. 

Quick Notice About This Offer 

The stuff we are about to share with you is not a cheat nor tweak or trick that we make use of to get affordable or to accumulate data from the network providers. For it, an offer that has been offered from airtel network provider, I repeat not an Airtel cheat and we don’t need any VPN to power up the data before it will start working. 

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Now we go about how you can get the offer activated on your airtel sim or line. 

How To Activate Airtel 200MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB And 9GB In 2023

Although all these offers can be activated in some ways we just need something to put into consideration before it might or we work for you, but before we go through that sew yourself below part of prove that airtel network providers provide us which implies that the offer is legit. 

According To Airtel Network Providers 

You are missing out on this amazing Data Offer.

200MB for N100

1GB for N200

2GB for N500

4GB for only N1000

Hurry!!! Dial *141*241# to activate NOW

Airtel data offer

Which implies that you can get  it to explain itself but let still explain more further. 

Method To Activate the latest Airtel offer in 2023

  1. The old method which we make use of is by dialling *141# and locate the data bundle that you want. 
  2. We also make use of *144# for straight forward airtel data offer activation. 
  3. But now it quite different you have to dail *141*241# to locate the offer as stated above. 

Note: if you sim or Airtel line is not eligible for the offer just go straight and purchase another airtel from any airtel shop outlets and you will be eligible for the offer. 

Although most people were able to activate the offer on there old and new purchased airtel sim so try your out with the code that was stated above. 

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Were you able to activate the offer? 

State your answer at the comments section and also remember to join our telegram channeltelegram channel as we always suggest.


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