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Iphone 11 pro Vs Iphone 11 pro max

Actually these two phones Iphone 11 pro Vs Iphone 11 pro max seems to be the same but we disregard that cause that what most people have been saying, we’ve look into it three are great different in these two phone that why we brought to you the comparison of the two phones so that we can know which one is the best to go for and the King likewise. 

Iphone 11 pro is of different type they have the one of 64GB From and Also with the one of 512GB Rom both are still iphone 11 pro but with different phone space specifications are the same to our review. 

Iphone 11 pro

For iphone 11 pro max they still have the one of Same space that is same phone space with same specifications seems that how Apple company handle there products they also have the one 256GB phone space and 4GB Ram both available for Iphone 11 pro and Iphone 11 pro max now let go straight to checkout there specifications and compare the two phones 

Iphone 11 pro max

Iphone 11 pro Vs Iphone 11 pro max Camera

We start with iphone 11 pro max which is with a transformative triple camera system that add tons of capabilities with complexity while for iphone 11 pro is with four new  textured matte glass finished 5.8 inch or 6.5 inches super retina xdr display and toughest glass in the smartphone. 

iphone 11 pro max  camera

pro max super retina xdr display boats not one but two new record  level of brightness and understand when to use them while for iphone 11 pro camera app make it seamless to pick one or the other that is presenting  ultra wide camera as a 0.5x zoom which is certainty and interesting perspective. 

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The respect smartphone that we are still taking about (iphone 11 pro)  are backed by improved HDR and new High mode which mean you will get excellent image and videos  quality in most conditions. Iphone 11 pro max was hit up with 800 nits when you’re out in the sun which is great for shutting and making  selects on the go and up to 1200 nits when you are viewing extreme dynamic range range content. 

iphone 11 pro camera

It’s Also said that Iphone 11 pro max is one of the brightest and sharpest iphone display so far on iphone 11 pro you can shut 4k video extended dynamic range at 60 fps which you can captured four times more scene and edit with new tools like rotate, crop, and filter, why for  pro max portrait mode is working with the three cameras together, which you can fit more in your portrait than ever just like you would be in studio. 

Iphone 11 pro Vs Iphone 11 pro max Camera 2

Pro version of these iphone is from dimly restaurants sunset on the beach which is attached with high tech that meet low light it’s night mode deliverd natural low-light shots automatically, while the pro max version is with smart HDR that is it with the next generation  smart HDR that used advanced algorithms to fitnesse highlights and shadows details in your images. 

The Selfie mod of these two phones are with 12MP TrueDepth camera which let you to take superfun slow motion  selfie video at 12 fps, or you can shoot in 4k at 60 fps The camera is automatically zooms out when you rotate your iphone so that you can get your whole crew in the shot the selfies mode is likely to called pro indeed. 

Iphone 11 pro Vs Iphone 11 pro max Triple Camera Mode 

Actually these two phone are design with a pro camera system which are three upped cameras and they are said to be the first iphone to be design with a triple camera system that is to be combine with cutting edge technology with legendary simplicity of iphone. 

The camera is design in the senses that you can captured four times more scene and get beautiful image in drastically lower light by you shooting the highest quality video in a smartphone which these smartphone is attached with some tools that you can use to edit your video and photos after shooting. 

Iphone 11 pro Vs Iphone 11 pro max Triple Camera Mode Category 

These two phones Iphone 11 pro and Iphone 11 pro max has the same triple camera category which are listed below with some explanation. 

  1. WIDE CAMERA : Is design and has 26mm focal length f/1.8 aperture 6- elements lens Optical image stabilization and 100% focus pixels New 12Mp sensors .
    iphone 11 pro
  2. ULTRA WIDE CAMERA : These specifications are 13 mm focal length, f/2.4 aperture 5- elements lens 120° field of view 4x more scene 12MP sensor.

    iphone 11 pro
  3. TELEPHONE CAMERA: It’s own specifications are 52 mm focal length Larger &/2.0 aperture 6- elements lens Optical image stabilization 2x optical image zoom 12MP sensors.
    iphone 11 pro

Some explanation to these two phone triple cameras is they these smartphones (Iphone 11 pro and Iphone 11 pro max)  let you zoom telephoto all the ways out to the new ultra wide camera, for an impressive 4x zoom range which both phone are with higher Night mode attached with high tech meets. 

Now that we know more about the camera of these two phone cause it seems people like check-ing out any latest phone camera that the number stuff to check to know how the phone is powerful not to talk much let move to know the performance of these two smartphones

Iphone 11 pro Vs Iphone 11 pro max Performance 

These two device are design with lots more power and lost more battery life which you can get five hours of battery life with iphone 11 pro max and four hours of battery life with  iphone 11 pro they are design with fast charging process which includes 18w adapter. 

Iphone 11 pro and Iphone 11 pro max are both design with Super A13 Bionic with Neural Engine the faster chip in a smartphone with the focus on machine learning across  the entire chip which enable experience that simply aren’t found on any other smartphone that is so fast and also so powerful likewise so intelligent which is a year ahead of other chips. 

Iphone 11 pro Vs Iphone 11 pro max Full Performance Specifications 

Since they both have comparison specifications we are listing below for both smartphone 

  1. 64 bit Fusion : Performance core process complex that tasks faster than ever while the custom efficiency core handle everyone task helping to deliver a huge leap in battery life.
  2. Neural Engine: The 8 core apple is designed with Neural Engine is up 20% faster and uses up to 15% less power. It driving force behind the triple camera system, Face ID, AR apps and more specifications are attached to it.
  3. Core ML3: is also design to help development leverage machine learning power of A13 Bionic, Core Ml3 works with the machine learning controller to automatically direct tasks to CPU, GPU, or Neural Engine.
  4. Faster CPU : The CPU has two performance cores that are up to 20% faster and use up to 30% less power and it’s for efficiency core that are up to 20% faster and use up to  40% less power
  5. Faster GPU : The apple Designed GPU is up to 20% faster and uses up to 40% less power . Perfect for high performance gaming and the latest AR experience.
  6. Machine Learning : they are design with two new machine learning acceleration on the CPU run matrix math computation up to six times faster allowing the CPU perform over one trillion operations per second. 

Now we are done with the list of performance specifications of the two smartphone ( Iphone 11 pro and Iphone 11 pro max)  lef move to the next one of there main specifications that is over all specifications. 

Iphone 11 pro Vs Iphone 11 pro max Specifications 

Both phone came with same specifications as listed below :

  • Dolby 
  • Spatial audio
  • Audio Sharing 
  • Fast charging 
  • Wireless Charging 
  • And Faster Wifi Speeds

You can view what all means in the screenshots below:

iphone 11 pro

Now you know which one is the best between  Iphone 11 pro and Iphone 11 pro max so is left for you to know which to take most as the best of best try to Join our telegram channel

Let hear from you view below comments section. 


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