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Inforib Review: Earn N5000 Weekly On Inforib Revenue Program

Inforib is more-or-less related to operanewshub which we already made our review on they pay people for working with them online, work in which entails writing and publishing articles for them on daily basis, it’s some related to inforib to just that there are several ways from which people can earn from inforib.


This platform was just established by a bloggers which I will not like to mention his name you can get more info
about the founder from here, our main aim is to let you know how to earn and make money from the platform
doing this lockdown and quarantine period, like you should also make money online with just you mobile phone
why staying at home. 


We make a little insight about inforib before we proceed on earning part of the platform. 


What Is Inforib? 


Inforib Revenue Program is a program that pay people online for publishing post on their platform,  post in such way of answering questions online just like quora which questions will be asked and different people from different nation, countries will come to answer the question without earning anything but inforib have just make part of paying anybody that answer questions correctly on inforib. 


There are different kinds of questions that used to be asked on Inforib and you as a publisher or member will
now go to answer the question in different parts, both educational and non-educational. 

They pay anybody that signs up on the platform for the first time 1000 which is a signup bonus and other
payment ways apart from answering questions like affiliate programs. 


How To Join Inforib Revenue Program


  1. Click here to go straight to inforib websites.
  2. On the site top right panel you will see the Add logo as shown below.
    Inforib Revenue Program
  3. Click on the button then you will be provided with a page to sign in.
    Inforib Revenue Program sigin page
  4. Since you don’t have an account with them before switching to the signup option.
  5. And provide the following information like email, username and password. 
    Inforib Revenue Program sigup page
  6. Check the proof you are not a not box and proceed to continue or sign up. 


Boom you have successful signup to inforib all you have to do now is to visit your email and confirm it that’s all for registration and joining part. 


Your account will be credited with a N1000 registration bonus instantly. 


How To Earn On Inforib Revenue Program


  1. First you earn 1000 after you sign up.
  2. Secondly you earn N500 for any post you published on the platform.
  3. Thirdly  you earn N200 for any breaking or simply News you published on the platform.
  4. Next part is their affiliate program which is also a referral program. You earn N200 also for anybody you referral on the platform.
    Revenue Program Referral program
  5. You earn N20 for any questions you answer on inforib.
  6. And lastly you earn N5 for any questions you answer on the platform. 

That’s all about the earnings part, join now to start making money online with fast speed. I know most people will have been asking if the site is scam or legit don’t worry we will bring clarification to that. 


Is Inforib Revenue Program Scam Or Legit?


This is a huge question we use to answer in any money making online program mostly in Nigeria, inforib is not a
scam because they have and they prove their ways of making money too from how you work for them. But
before I go further I would like to ask a question which is: Do you know how opera companies earn from
publishers? If yes then you are good to go but No then I will answer it myself. 


Opera company that own both operamini and operanews  platform that we all know earn from advertisement
on their platform such as monetizing embedding advert on their app in different ways and sponsored content
same ways inforib earn from monetizing too, they have embed Google adsense code on their site or platform
which brings them a lot of revenues as people come and go or as people visit and clicks on the ads. 


They divide any money they make from the ads or adsense company and share it within their workers. That’s how inforib make money and use it to pay their workers which are publishers, people that answer questions and likewise ask and more. 


I think I have answers to questions about the legitimacy of how the platform inforib is legit and not scam. 


Now we should know how to get paid from the platform. 


Inforib Revenue Program Payment Methods 


You can be able to withdraw or cashout  your fund from inforib once your earnings have reached the threshold of N5000 there main payout method is through the adim only by email. 


How To Withdraw Your Money From Inforib


Payment on Inforib Revenue Program is done through direct mail to the admin by send a mail to the admin through this mail admin@inforib.com with the subject specifications of “inforib cash out” or “inforib withdraw” then you will attend to you about the withdraw. 


Things To Note About Inforib Revenue Program

  • Multiple accounts is not acceptable. 
  • No copy and paste of contents to be publish. 
  • Answer questions in a polite way. 
  • Answers that are more than 100 words or characters will be rejected or trash. 


And before I end with little conclusion what I don’t remember to mention was you can view your earnings on the menu bar at the top left Corner of the site inforib does not have an app yet disregard any apps you see that call their self inforib app for now. 


I have to stop here, our telegram channel is open to get fast updates on any of our related category posts, we mostly notify our viewers their firstly sometimes before we publish articles on our sites and any related post so endeavor to join for fast updates. 


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