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How To View Photos On Free Facebook Or Pictures on Free Mode

When your fellow subscription end or data got Finnish what else to do online when data is on is to switch to the Facebook free mode which restrictions of some stuff are Involved, photos, images, videos or likely photos will not be able to be viewed on Facebook free mode. We’ve got you covered. You can now see pictures on Facebook free or Facebook free mode without having data or airtime on your perspective line or sim we go ahead and look into free facebook with photos on free mode or simply viewing photos on Facebook freemode process

I know a lot of people would have been trying their best to see pictures for free using free, but this sim company are super smart

But guess what we will explain how you can do that by yourself without any trouble.

Due to the deadly virus outbreak “coronavirus”, the rate at which people stay online most has high and it’s involved data consumption because you and I can only communicate with our friends and love once online view the help of the popular social media known as Facebook which some related features was added to the social call free mode means to gain access to the app without data but not all process can be carried out when your Facebook is on the free mode we said it before. 

Not to talk much, the main purpose of this article is to show you how you can see pictures on free Facebook mode or how to see photos on free Facebook which will be explained to you guys in step-by-step mode. 

But before we go further we will like to give credit to a fellow blogger who discovered this trick because it’s a trick if you don’t know and am happy he brought this to my notice thanks to you bro. 

Now let’s proceed to what brings this article. 

Tools Need To Make Us Gain View Photos On Facebook Free Mode

  • Facebook lite not the main Facebook app.
  • Android smartphone phone version 5 upwards.
  • 3G or 4G device.
  • 9mobile or Airtel line or sim without any data subscription or airtime on it.
  • Strong internet connection. 

That’s all about the requirements, tools, or things needed to make us see photos on Facebook freemode. Let’s get to know how to trick the staff and make it work for us. 

How To See Photos On Facebook Free Mode

  1. To see photoson free mode first open your already installed Facebook lite app. 
  2. Then turn on your Data connection on airtel or 9mobile network. 
  3. Now switch to free mode on the Facebook like app. 
  4. After you will see you can’t gain access to see some pictures or photos. 
  5. Join close the app and long press the icon for android version 6 upwards. 
  6. For other versions like 5 just switch to the app on setting menu then locate the Facebook lite app. 
  7. On the Facebook app info settings Clear Data 
  8. And go back to the app,  make sure your data it’s still on. 
  9. Log-in and you will be wellcome with two options that are Data mode and free mode. 
  10. In case the Facebook life fails to load just close it and open it again. 

Then it will open and you will be welcome with data mode by then you can start seeing pictures or images on your Facebook without data-free mode.

Things To Note About Trick Of This Free Facebook Mode Photo View

  • You can only view or see photos and see photos with this trick.
  • Video can now be viewed or seen with this trick.
  • Make sure you don’t have any airtime on your Sim or Related Data plan.
  • The stuff might stop work and follow the same steps to get it back to work. 
How To View Images On Free Facebook or to see Pictures on Free Facebook Mode

That is all about that if this works for you and you like to credit us with our work do so by sharing this article with your friends that might not have funds or money to subscribe for now. 

Stay blessed, Stay Safe, And stay at home.  Our telegram channel is open 100% for fast updates. 


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