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Whatspy: How to spy on someone’s WhatsApp

How to spy on someone WhatsApp using whatspy, Have you been searching for a way to spy on someone? maybe it’s your partner that you suspect to be cheating, your friend, or maybe just your kid that you want to keep an eye on, whatever the reason may be that you want to spy on that person, you are in the right place for a solution to your problem. Today we are going to introduce an app to spy on anybody’s WhatsApp without them knowing of it, with this app you can see any activity that person is performing their WhatsApp, their messages, contacts, and even reply to their messages if you choose to!.

You may have come across this app before, and maybe they attach a price to it but we bring it to you absolutely free!.

NOTE: All information provided in this article are strictly for educational purposes only, Alitech.com.ng will not be responsible for any illegal act carried out with the informations provided.

Overview of WhatSpy

Whatspy is a Linux-based version of WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Web was designed to have an alternate version of your phone’s WhatsApp on your PC, the concept of the whatsapp spy apps was built upon creating a clone version of the WhatsApp Web on mobile devices using a Linux system. Now with the WhatsApp Web, any activity you can perform on your phone’s WhatsApp can also be done on it, you have absolute authority on the WhatsApp Web as you do on your normal phone WhatsApp, which simply means if you are successful with gaining access step s to your victims’ phone then you have access to all their permissions too.

Follow the guide below on how to set up the whatspy app successfully.

How to spy on someone’s WhatsApp

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How to set up whatspy

  • First, download the whatspy app from the link provided in the download section below!.
  • Now before installation ensure “allow installation from unknown source” is enabled in settings, to do that go to settings>security>unknownsource
  • After that, you can now complete the installation.
  • So the next thing to do is to gain access to your victim’s phone and WhatsApp, if it’s a friend or family, you can easily borrow the phone and if it’s someone you are not close to, you can give an excuse to send a file from their phone and that’s it.
  • Now launch the whatspy on your phone(ensure that you have an Internet connection on both devices)and click on get started.
  • Select WhatsApp Web from the next menu and a barcode will be generated for you.
Whatspy barcode
  • Now launch your victim’s WhatsApp and click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the main interface.
  • Select WhatsApp Web from the list and the WhatsApp barcode scanner will be opened (camera).WhatsApp web
  • Now place the victim’s phone to scan the barcode on your phone and BOOM!, there you have It, all your victim’s WhatsApp messages and everything!.

The app is provided guides to help you sign in but if you still don’t get it, watch the video provided below the barcode for a detailed video guide.
Whatspy instructionsVideo guide

It is important to note that generated barcode changes every 30sec. So you should have the victims phone ready at hand and if you are planning to screenshot, you should be very fast about it before the barcode expires and refresh. Ensure Internet connection is fair too for barcodes to easily refresh upon expiry. Also before scanning, ensure that “keep me signed in” is ticked, so you won’t have to repeat the process all over again next time.

How to spy on someone’s WhatsApp


Do you have Telegram installed on your device?, if you don’t kindly download it from HERE.

And if you have telegram installed already, click the link below and join our channel to download whatspy direct from our telegram channel.

Can’t find the app on our channel? kindly use the search button to find the keyword ‘whatspy’

And you’ve got it.

Still can’t find it? Do contact the telegram Admin or use the comments section below to check for the availability of the app.


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