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How To Get Mtn Free Data In 2023

Hello Fams here we are again with another banger for you, Yes Permit me to use that word (Banger) through we have been trying all our possible best just to satisfy you all with free browsing tips and cheat just to make you all our fans to surf the internet for free indeed we bring to mtn free data access in 2023. 

Truly as we said is free it free absolutely all you just have to do it to follow us up till the end of these articles and don’t try to skip any words I mean it any words, To make these work for you (Mtn Free Data)  you might need some data partially for some and not for some lets just go straight to see some requirements and some features of getting these data. 

Features Of The Mtn Free Data Offer

  • Free data access range from 200MB, 500MB and upwards
  • The data Can be accumulated
  • You can accumulate as much as you want
  • No need to subscribe to any plan before you can get the free data.
  • No Recharge card or airtime need before you can get these data.
  • The data is absolutely free if you follow up well
  • Lastly That’s all for now. 

Now that you know some features that is attached on getting these free data, Let process to the next thing which requirements, things that will be needed to make these workout for you likely to make things workout for you. 

Requirements For The Mtn Free Data Offer

  • Internet Connection 3G or 4G anyone is recommend.
  • Little amount of data 50MB or more.
  • We’ll registered Mtn sim card
  • MyMtnApp We work Mainly on these
  • Get MyMtnApp from Play store or Get the latest version Right from our telegram channelview here
  • That’s all for now. 

How To Get Mtn Free Data 

Has you all know these 2023 we have been dishing out some ways to get free data out on all kinds of network provider in Nigeria, So it left for you now to stick with us to enjoy more of that from us try to join our telegram channel view here for updates

Let proceed see how to get mtn free data in 2023 below:
  1. Install and open MyMtnApp that you download from above link if you have one already installed on your device just skip these step.
  2. Input your mtn sim number at the place provided on the app so that you can gain access to your account view the app.
  3. An OTP one time pass will be send to you
    just to confirm your identity input it at the place provided to you and proceed to the next step.
  4. After you have gotten access to the app
    on left top bar of the app
    you will see a nav menu  button there.
  5. Click on the menu bar and
    locate option Refer a friend.
    Select the option then you will be provide with a page as shown below :
    mtn Free Data

Options To Get Mtn Free Data

mtn Free Data

There are two refer option there the first which is the main refer system that said:

When you refer a friend to download and register the app on there device will earn you 200MB
and The person you refer will earn rewards of 500MB So if you refer  five people reward of
2GB will be redeemed to you accumulated.

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Awesome or not ? Provide answers to these questions in the comment box.

  • You will be provided with a place to select the number that you will like to refer
    either you input the number or you select it from your contact all join.
    mtn Free Data

Note:the number must not be on MyMtnApp or the mtn subscriber
that you are inviting must not have make use of
MymtnApp before when you have confirm that you can then proceed to invite. 

Now we talk about the second refer which is
Data invitation process that implies whenever you invite a friend to buy data from
mymtnapp 10% of the data the person you refer purchase
will be redeemed to you sounds cool right?. 

  • Go straight and input the number you will like to invite in the place provide for it
    although just a place is available for these slot.

By following all these necessary steps provided above you will surely be successful in
getting these free data from mtn (mtn Free Data). 

So what are you waiting for grab your phone now and start inviting your friends to
mymtnapp so that mtn free data can be redeem to you enjoy. 

Remember to leave a comment means a lot to us thanks as you do Bless up. 


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