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How To Get Mtn 2GB For N350 – Mtn Tiktok Data Plan

Do you know you can now enjoy mtn 2GB data plan for as low as 350? The answer is yes if you don’t know mtn tiktok 2GB plan is now available which can be used to browse tiktok only but with the help of some VPN you will be able to use the data to browse all app available on your phone which we will show and explain some VPN that are available to power your mtn 2GB for N350 data up.




It’s was said that this data plan was just added my mtn which seems to be early launched as of recent 2021 this plan is different from the old mtn IG/tiktok plan that most people know about before because this plan was also launch with other social bundle plan which entails mtn all social bundle plan that can be gotten with affordable plan.



How To Activate Mtn 2GB For N350

  1. As we said earlier it’s mtn tiktok plan to activate it.
  2. You will need to have airtime of N350 on your mtn line.
  3. Then dial the code *131*3*4# which that mtn tiktok plan will be stated. Mtn tiktok data plan
  4. The one of N50 is there which is available for just one day.
  5. And the main one of N350 which is valid for 7day respectively. Mtn 2GB for N350 tiktok plan
  6. Select the 350 plan and active the plan.

For now the VPN can only work for tiktok app on your phone to power the data up so that it can work with other app download the VPN mentioned below.



How To Power Up The Mtn 2GB Tiktok Plan With VPN

  • Download the VPN called TECHORAGON VPN Use the link attached to it to download it.
  • Open the VPN and the tweak selection.
  • Select the tweak name All Net tiktok bundle 2 for the Mtn Tiktok 350 Plan.
  • And select All net tiktok bundle 1 for the N50 mtn tiktok plan.
  • Select any country server of your choice. VPN to Power up mtn tiktok plan
  • And connect, wait for some seconds for it to connect.

Then you are good to go. You can now start. Browsing all apps on your phone using the mtn 2GB tiktok plan for N350 or the N50 respectively.



Who Is Eligible For The Mtn Tiktok Plan?

Who Is Eligible For The Mtn Tiktok Plan?

How Can I subscribe To The Mtn Tiktok Pan?

You can subscribe to the data plan using the direct code when you dial *131*3*4# and the plan will be listed to you, then you can now select the appropriate plan of your choice.

Can I browse all apps using the tiktok data plan?

No you can’t for when you subscribe to such a plan you are eligible to use tiktok plan alone and can be used to access another apo using the step provided above.

How Many Days Is the Mtn Tiktok Plan Valid For?

The first tiktok plan of N50 is valid for just one day why the other plan Mtn tiktok plan of 350 is valid for 7days respectively.


Hope this article serves you with an affordable plan?


Let us know below and come back for a more related post.



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