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How To Get Chat GPT Keyboard For Free (ChatGPT) 

In this article, I will be learning new things about chatgpt which is how to get chat gpt keyboard for free on your basic mobile phone like Android. 

As you already know, AI is one of the most popular topics which people have been discussing around the globe. 

So it has been integrated to perform different kinds of things and different kinds of tasks in the Easy Way that has been adapted to it. 

That is why you can now get a special keyboard that will be powered by an iTunes called ChatGPT. 

In general, if you have also been searching for ways how you can get chat gpt api key or keys. 

Then this article will also lead you to the process to get it done. 

About Chat GPT Keyboard (ChatGPT) 

It will be more or less like a normal keyboard that has been powered by an anti-social intelligent AI which is why the tag is to be chat gpt keyboard. 

It will help you carry out some typing without being done by you, all you have to do is to give the command and generate your request. 

The chatgpt keyboard that you are about to install on your device should help you carry out the operation. 

All you have to do is to stay tuned to the end of the article so as to know what you need and what needs to be done before you can get chat gpt keyboard for free. 

Or before that we will be needing the chat GPT API key to make this world so learn below how you can get your API key for ChatGPT. 

How To Get Chat GPT API Key 

All you need to do to get your chat gpt API key is to go to your browser. 

  1. Visit the official website which is said to be chat.openai.com. 
  2. Login to your ChatGPT account. 
  3. After that you can open a new tab on your browser. 
  4. Go to Google’s official website. 
  5. And search for chart gept API key. 
  6. Then click on the first page that you see.
  7. Select OpenAI API key page. 
  8. Once you get to the next page you should see a place that you are provided with your chat gpt API key. 
  9. After that you’re not meant to create your own secret API key. 
  10. Then copy the key because that is what we will make use of to activate our new chat gpt keyboard. 
How To Get Chat GPT API Key 

How To Get Chat GPT Keyword For Free

  1. Go to your Play Store and download the following app Smart Typer – AI Keyboard. 
  2. Make sure it’s been downloaded and installed to your device. 
  3. After the app has been installed you can now go ahead to open it. 
  4. Then Grant the app every permission needed for it to start working on your phone as a keyboard. 
  5. Allow it to carry out your keyboard process on your smartphone. 
  6. After that is known you can now go back to the main app smart types ai keyboard. 
  7. Look for where the stated openAI API key. 
  8. Click on it and paste the API key you copied earlier from the chat gpt website. 
  9. The website is thought to be openai API key. 
  10. After you paid the API key make sure you click on the save button. 
  11. Then you can now visit anywhere you would like to type on either on your social media app or other app that you wish to type something in. 
  12. Change the keyboard to smart typer. 
  13. Then you can now go ahead to give it a command like. 
  14. “Provide Me a love message in five sentences” then click on the generate button you find on the top of the keyboard. 
  15. That you provide you with what you asked for you can now proceed to send it to anyone you wish. 
How To Get Chat GPT Keyword For Free

That’s just how you can get a chart gpt keyboard for free on Android


Let us know in the comments section if this actually works for you and don’t be selfish by not sharing his knowledge with your friends and family. 


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