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How To Extend Mtn Data Bundle Or Data Plan Expiry Date

Most people use their Mobile phone just for social media in aspect when they are browsing online, it seems not to consume quite a lot of data that implies they might not be able to finish up there data plan or data bundle before the expiring date or validation date reaches, we’ve found solution on how you can extend the mtn data plan or data bundle validation date or expiration date. 


Some people or most people do purchase some social media plan on mtn which work for only there social media and it does not power-up other apps that also bring issues to how they won’t be able to exhaust their data bundle. 


You don’t have to worry about that again. We’ve got you covered with mtn data plan roll over which implies whenever your data plan expires and you have not finished the data bundle you can now roll the data over and still gain access to make use of the data quite awesome right? 


The main purpose of this article is to explain to you how you can rollover your mtn data plan and be able to make use of the expired bundle even after the validation period has passed. 


We’ve made an example from the list of mtn data plans in simple word case study to make stuff easier for you and to make it more understandable. 


We make use of the mtn data offer plan which they give 1.5GB For 200 or 2GB for 300 likewise 1GB for 200 it depends on the type of offer that you line is eligible for so let check out how you can activate the plan. 


How To Activate Mtn Data Offer Or Latest Data Plan 


  1. Dial *121# and select an offer for me or mtn data offer4me.
  2. You will be provided with the list of data plans offered that your mtn line is eligible for.
  3. Select any of 200 or 300 anyone you see.
  4. Then subscribe to the plan. 

The plans are mostly valid for 3days some 2days but the list one is 6 or 7days. 


If you were unable to finish the data plan and it got exhausted, follow the below steps to roll over the data plan or data bundle. 


How To Extend Mtn Data plan or Data Bundle Expiring Date


  1. When the validation date has reached and you have not used your mtn data finished.
  2. Just go ahead and subscribe to a low quantity plan.
  3. What I mean by that is you should subscribe to N50 plan which is valid for A day daily plan indeed.
  4. To subscribe to the plan dial *131# and select the option for Buy data or Data plan.
  5. Then select a daily plan and pick your choice.
  6. When the subscription process is done successfully your old data will be rolled over to the new data plan. 


Which is when you subscribe for 2GB plan and it still remains 1GB less or more then you now subscribe to another plan of 200MB for N50 all together you now have 1.2GB data the 1GB have been rolled over with the new plan. 


You have successfully rolled over your plan. The expiry date is extended by following the above steps perfectly. It left for you now to know how to make use of the data plan. 


Note: the higher the plan you subscribe to the more validity you will get for your data to be rolled over. 


 I hope you get me right?  If you don’t you can ask to view the comments section. 

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