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PPSSPP cheat.db – Steps On How To Enable Cheat

You must have been wondering how to enable the cheat.db file into your ppsspp emulator, well it is quite an easy thing and we are going to show you just how to do it right now.

Playing games might actually be more annoying and stressful sometimes than you could ever think especially when you get yourself stuck in a single level and you just have to keep playing in a loop all because you don’t have the right weapon, you are not doing the right thing or maybe the level is just a freaking tough one. At that moment, you would wish you know a cheat to pass that level with. well, we have decided to bring to you that cheat to enable you pass every level easily. All you need to do is just read along to know how to implement the cheat and have a fun gameplay. Ppsspp cheat.db


It’s pretty easy, just follow the steps below to get it done!

  1. First thing is to get the ppsspp emulator installed (if you have not done that), also download the ppsspp cheat.db, and extract it to a folder with zarchiver.
  2. Launch the ppsspp and load a game.
  3. Immediately after loading a game tap on the back button of your device to access the ppsspp game menu.
  4. Now click on game settings and tap on the system tab.
  5. Now locate the cheat option and enable it.
  6. Then you locate the cheat.db file you extracted and move or cut it to PSP>CHEAT
  7. Relaunched the ppsspp app, load a game, tap the back key and you will now see a cheat option in the menu.
  8. Click on the cheat and select import from cheat.db
  9. Go back to the game and re-access the cheat menu, you should see all the cheats available for your game now.
  10. If you can’t find any cheats restart the ppsspp but if you still can’t find the cheats there, then it means that there is no cheat available for the game in the database.

Now you know how to enable a ppsspp cheat.db file.

Download Here

If you have any issues or complaints let us know via the comments section below. Thanks for your time.

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