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Hi guys Alitech is here again with 100% working cheat for you which will surely work for you guys @my humble followers Kindly follow the steps below gradually carefully to get the data

Follow the Steps Below
1. Download and install MTK Engineering app HERE

2. Download and install imei analyzer HERE

Install both of the apps then you’ll now proceed to tweak your imei.

Dail *#06 to understand your imei and replica it down just in case you would like to vary it back
We will be making use of this imei (3568620905******)

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Usually, the imei digit is 16 so you’re expected to manually make it 14 or 15. Then you’ll use the imei analyzer.

The imei analyzer will offer you a legitimate imei making it 16 digits.

Copy the imei 3568620905****** (Note it should be 14 or 15) paste it within the imei analyzer app, tick Fetch Data From www.imei.info then analyse. Yo will get a full 16 imei.

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Download MTK Engineering app HERE
Download Imei Analyzer HERE

Now launch your MTK Engineering mode to vary to your newly generated imei.

Now launch and click on on MTK setting>>CDS information>>Radio information then attend Phone 1/2 depending which one you would like to vary the imei.

you’ll see something like this (AT+) type any alphabet within the box then delete and pick any code it brings out. Example:- AT+(leave space) EGMR=1.7.

(place your new imei here. Note put an area before “E”

You code should be like this AT+ EGMR=1.7.(your new imei)

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Now send the command.

you’ve got successfully change the imei of your phone.

Next is to restart your phone or put in airplane mode for sometime to form the new imei apply.

Now turn on back your phone then the imei will change, Dail *#06 to see . OR

Likely you Download chameleons apps H ere for straightforward imei tweaking with one click (easy step and preferably).

Now you ought to receive a message from MTN or Airtel Congratulating you of your 100% Data Bonus once you buy data for subsequent 3 month.

You can then proceed to get any data plan of your choice while you catch on Double.

Enjoy and kindly. Rebroadcast and share together with your love once by using the social media share Burton’s below


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