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Latest method on how to buy data on airtel and airtime on airtel 2023

Airtel seems to have added several ways on how to buy data on airtel and how to buy airtime on their network in this recent year 2023, which we will like to bring to your notice and let you know every step involved in buying or purchasing data and airtime from airtel. 

These updates might lead to the recent update which airtel network provider added to their network which is the invention of their app called My airtel app, unlike mtn that already have there own app for quite long now called mymtn app and also glo called glo cafe they are all apps which you can use for data purchase and airtime other services are also attached to does app. 

We would like to show you this in step-by-step ways which will make you understand what we are talking about and where we are leading you from using your data connection to buy data ( internet)  and several ways to buy data on airtel view offline mode ( Zero internet) no data connection, let’s proceed. 

How to buy data on airtel or Airtime Via My Airtel App

For you to be able to buy data on airtel view my airtel app you need the app to be installed on your device (Android or IOS) you can get the app from here

  1. Open it after a successful installation and locate the option you will like to go for.
    how to buy data on airtel
  2. Buying of data or airtime.
  3. All stated there, it’s left for you to select the one you will like to go for its range from.
  4. 100, 200, 500, 1000, and more data plans.
  5. That’s that about that. 

Buying Of Data or Airtime From Airtel Via USSD Code One (1)

  1. You can buy data or airtime on airtel by using the following code or ussd code *121#.
  2. Buy going to your phone without a data connection and dial the code.
  3. Then you will be provided with a list of some options.
  4. Like, Buy data plan, My account, Buy Airtime, etc.
    how to buy data on airtel

You can make selections on anyone you want and buy or purchase airtime or data plan you will like to go for. 

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We move next to the alternative options USSD to purchase airtime or data on airtime it’s quite straightforward and simple. 

Purchasing Of Data or Airtime On Airtel Using USSD Code Two (2)

  1. Goto your phone without data connection turned on.
  2. Dial the following code *500#.

  3. Then you will be provided with some list of options which implies.
  4. Borrowing of Data,  Borrowing of Airtime, Borrowing of airtime talk more, etc. 
how to buy airtime on airtel

Note: this code is mainly used for airtime or data load or to borrow off airtime or data. 

It’s also part of what you should know about. It also involves how to buy data on airtel or how to buy airtime on airtel which you should know about. 

Now we switch to the last part. Stick with us to the end of this article let’s go. 

How to buy data or Airtime on airtel using airtel website


  1. To buy airtel using airtel direct website kindly visit the following site.
  2. Www.airtel.com.ng then switch to airtel data purchase or buy data.

  3. Option to purchase or buy airtime too is provided with their switch to it if it’s what you want.
  4. Or like to check your bundle or terrific plan. 

Yes there are also some other codes that we did not make mention of yet we know and the reason for that is that other codes are not standard code for airtel data purchase or airtel purchase. 

This article only contains standard codes or methods that can be used to buy data or airtime on airtel, there is also other codes like *141# which we don’t make mention of. Skip that you will get to see the option when you try to use any of the methods that we stated above. 


This article provides readers easy and notable ways on how to buy data on airtel and how to buy airtime on airtel no trick or tweak likewise cheat involve in doing this just follow the steps and clear your ways to buy or purchase any data plan or airtime you will like to buy with trying to purchase the pin use to load your airtel line outside. 

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Get updates on our telegram channel and we look forward to bringing you more related updates. 


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